Google Cloud Certification – How to get Certified on Google Cloud Certification

The Google Cloud Certification is a platform that displays how proficient your technical skills are with Google Cloud products and solutions. Students do not have to bother themselves about making payments before getting certified. This is because the Google Cloud certification is absolutely free. There are also lots of online courses available for everyone to choose from at any time.

Google Cloud Certification

It is also very important for all candidates to be aware that they must be recertified so as to maintain their certification status. All Google Cloud certifications are valid for two years from the date certified except it has been stated in the detailed exam description and candidates can also attempt recertification starting 60 days before their certification expiration date.

Google Cloud Certification: How to get Certified on Google Cloud Certification

The steps to getting a certificate do not include much stress, all you need to do is to be diligent enough to follow the few steps below:

  • First step: You need to acquire enough knowledge about the cloud computing process and Google Cloud Platform fundamentals, this is very important.
  • Second step: Develop skills to the architect by making use of the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Third step: Next, you need to learn how to apply Google Cloud Platform for designing and processing purposes.

Above are the few and necessary steps that are required for you to become certified on the platform.

List of Google Cloud Certifications and Courses

There are different available certifications and Courses that you can choose and work towards the process of getting. Below are some of the courses:

  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer.
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer.
  • Google Cloud Certified Professional Collaboration Engineer
  • Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Certification.
  • Professional Data Engineer Certification – GCP.
  • Professional Cloud Architect Certification – GCP.

Also, there are some courses that it is not advisable for someone who is just starting out. This is to make it easier for them, it advisable to start out with much easier courses as a beginner then move higher as you gain more knowledge. Here are some courses that will be best for beginners to work with below:

  • AWS Cloud Practitioner.
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam AZ-900.
  • GCP Associate Cloud Engineer.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Certification.
  • Microsoft Azure certification exams.

Google Cloud Certifications: How long will it take to get Certified?

It does not take long for you to get certified on Google Cloud Certifications.  It takes approximately 12 hours to complete the online training for GCE Level 1 takes approximately 12 hours to complete, while it takes approximately 10 hours to complete Level 2. After the completion of the online training, provision three-hour online assessment is given (with a $10 exam fee for Level 1 and a $25 fee for Level 2).

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