How to Screenshot on Android

Learn How to Screenshot on Android with the help of this comprehensive guide we have created just for you.

How to Screenshot on Android
How to Screenshot on Android

If you have ever come across something on your Android device that you wanted to save, share, or remember, maybe it’s a funny meme, a vital piece of information, or a memorable moment from a chat conversation. The solution lies in taking a screenshot – a quick and handy way to capture whatever is displayed on your Android screen.

In this guide, we’ll demystify the simple art of taking screenshots on Android, making it a breeze for you, regardless of your device’s make or Android version. From the most basic methods to advanced techniques, we’ve got you covered.

How to Take Screenshots on Android 

When you come across something on your Android screen that you want to save, you can use a simple method that works on almost all Android devices. Just press two buttons simultaneously: the volume-down button and the sleep/wake (or power) button.

Here’s how it usually works: hold both buttons down for a brief moment, and you’ll notice your screen briefly flash, much like a camera flash. This flash tells you that the screenshot has been taken. On newer Samsung Galaxy phones, pressing and releasing both buttons quickly will do the trick, as holding them may bring up the power menu.

After taking the screenshot, you’ll see a small thumbnail preview of it in the bottom-left corner of your screen. This thumbnail comes with a set of options that allow you to edit the screenshot, share it with others, or even delete it.

How to Take a Scrolling Screenshot 

Rather than taking multiple separate screenshots of, for example, a lengthy text conversation or a webpage, you can use the screenshot tool to capture it all in one extended screenshot. Here’s how:

  • Take an initial screenshot just like you normally would.
  • Look for the toolbar that appears next to the screenshot thumbnail.

Now, depending on your phone:

Samsung Galaxy Phones: You’ll see a double-arrow icon. Tap on it. Each tap will scroll down a bit, capturing another part of the content, and then pause. Keep tapping to make the screenshot longer.

Motorola Phones: Like Samsung, you’ll find a similar button for scrolling screenshots, but it will continue capturing the screen until you press the stop button.

Google Pixel Phones: Instead of arrows, you’ll find a button labelled ‘Capture More.’ When you select it, you’ll see a zoomed-out view of your screen, along with a crop tool. Drag this tool down to adjust the size of the scrollable screenshot. When it includes everything you need, tap the ‘Save’ button.”

This way, you can capture an entire webpage or lengthy conversation in one seamless screenshot.

FAQ: Taking and Managing Screenshots on Android

Are there other ways to take a screenshot on Android?

Yes, there are various methods. Here are a few:

  • Samsung Galaxy with S Pen: If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone with S Pen support, you can use the pen to capture screenshots. The menu that appears when you remove the pen allows you to capture part or all of the screen.
  • Samsung and Motorola Gestures: Samsung and Motorola phones offer gestures to trigger screenshots. For Motorola, you can place three fingers on the screen and swipe down (make sure to enable this feature in settings). On Samsung phones, you can use the edge of your palm to capture a screenshot.

Where Can I find My Screenshots After Taking Them?

It depends on your phone:

  • Google Photos Phones: If your phone primarily uses Google Photos for photos and videos, you’ll find your screenshots there. Open the Photos app, select ‘Library,’ and look for the ‘Screenshots’ album.
  • Samsung Phones: For Samsung Galaxy phones, you’ll use the preinstalled Gallery app. Open the app, tap ‘Albums,’ and select the ‘Screenshots’ album to see them all in one place.

How Do I Share a Screenshot?

You have two options:

  • Immediate Sharing: After taking a screenshot, use the toolbar that appears alongside the thumbnail to share it right away.
  • Gallery or Photos App: Alternatively, you can share the screenshot from the Gallery (for Samsung phones) or the Photos app (for Google Photos phones). Simply locate the screenshot and use the sharing options provided.


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