How to Screenshot on Chromebook

Screenshotting on a Chromebook is a little different from a regular PC or Mac, but simple, nonetheless. Chromebooks are reliable and helpful tools for lots of things, such as school, work, and fun. Whether you’re a student doing online classes or someone working on projects, it’s good to know how to take pictures of what’s on your Chromebook screen.

How to Screenshot on Chromebook
How to Screenshot on Chromebook

These pictures can be useful for sharing info, fixing problems, or remembering special moments. This guide will show you the easy steps for taking these pictures on your Chromebook. We will explore various methods to do it. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to take and keep pictures of your screen.

How to Screenshot Through The Quick Settings Menu

Here’s a simple way to screenshot using the quick settings menu:

  • Start by clicking the clock on the lower-right part of your screen. This will show the Quick Settings menu.
  • Find the Screen Capture icon and click on it. It’s shaped like a circle inside a square.
  • On the side, a pop-up menu will appear from the Verge website, and you’ll see the screen capture icon there. It looks like a circle in a square. It might be smaller and not have text.
  • At the bottom of your screen, a small menu will show up with different icons. These icons go from the left side to the right side:

– Screenshot (for pictures of your screen)

– Screen recording (for recording videos of your screen)

– Screenshot of the whole screen

– Screenshot of a part of the screen (a crosshair icon will appear; click and drag it to highlight the area you want to capture, then click the Press the Capture button located at the center of your screenshot).

– Take a window screenshot (for a single window)

– Settings

– Screenshot with the menu at the bottom

If you click on the Settings icon, you can change your audio input, choose if your microphone should be on, and pick where your screenshots or recordings should be saved.

How to screenshot using the keyboard

A faster method for taking a screenshot is to use keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re lucky, your Chromebook might come with a Screenshot key (appearing as a small circle inside a square). In that case, you’re all set.

If not, a quick way to capture the whole screen is by using the Ctrl + Show Windows key combo. The “Show windows” key, resembling a rectangle with two lines on its right side, can be found on the top keyboard row. (It’s like the F5 key on a PC keyboard.)

Image of a Chromebook with the “Show Windows” key highlighted

The “Show windows” key is situated in the middle of the top row.

Or else, if you’d like more options, press Shift + Ctrl + Show windows keys to open the same menu you’d see by accessing the Quick Settings menu.

How To Save and Edit Your Screenshot 

Once you’ve captured the screenshot, a duplicate of it will show up in a window that pops out just above the Quick Settings menu. Click on it to see it in the folder. All screenshots you take will automatically be placed in the Downloads folder. However, you have the option to change the destination folder using the Settings button in the Screen Capture menu.

Once the screenshot appears, you can choose to save, modify, or remove it.

Once the screenshot appears, you can choose to save, modify, or remove it.

You can also select the Edit or Delete buttons. Clicking the Edit button will take you to a useful application where you can carry out basic tasks like cropping, rotating, resizing, adding notes, or adjusting the brightness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

The “Show windows” key is a flat key on the top row of your keyboard. It has two lines on its right side. It’s like the F5 key on a PC keyboard.

What if I want to capture only a part of the screen?

To capture a specific part of the screen, use the Ctrl + Shift + Show Windows key combination. This will activate a crosshair icon that you can click and drag to select the area you want to capture.

Can I capture videos on my screen as well?

Yes, you can also record videos on your screen. Use the Screen Record option in the screenshot menu to create video captures of what’s happening on your Chromebook.



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