Google Chrome might get a Screenshot Editor Soon

Google Chrome might get a Screenshot Editor soon and trust me you would like it. Google Chrome now looks set to receive some tools for advanced screenshot editing if a new developer flag in Google Canary is any indication.

Google Chrome might get a Screenshot Editor Soon

As stated by “Neowin,” the new tools are now in the beta version of chrome (called canary, because of course) offers you the option of adding and resizing different shapes like circles, lines, arrows, and squares, as well as the choice, to adjust the thickness, different brush shapes, text captioning and many more.

Google Chrome Might get a Screenshot Editor soon

Microsoft Edge is also in possession of a capture function called the web capture, but at this time you can add only hand-drawn annotations on the resulting image.

Neowin was not able to work very well, if at all, and it appears that these new features are in the very early stages of development, so there is only so little that you can do with it. But it exists: Download the Canary from Google and type “chrome://flags” in the address bar, then enable “desktop screenshots” and “Desktop Screenshot Edit Mode,” and restart your web browser.

In other to screenshot a web page, select the “share” button located at the far right of the address bar and select “screenshot” and select “Edit” when shown the screenshot preview.

Spurs innovation

Earlier this week, Microsoft Edge officially captured a far more than 10% of the desktop browser market share for the very first time ever, even though it was still behind  Google chrome when it comes to the user base.

Still, it does not mean that Google chrome can just continue to coast when there’s a hungry and well-funded rival roaring up from the back. When chrome overtook the market and became the main game in town, it was only just a web browser and it relied on others to work on extensions to its functionality.

That is not what Microsoft is doing, however, and the more feature-rich edge itself becomes, the more enticing it gets for all those that distrust third-party extensions. A lot of extensions do not play nice with each other; a lot of them are from dubious sources.

Sure, an extension of chrome might just replicate the Edge browser’s screen-capture feature, but handing that power over to a third-party app that might just be secreting away your screenshots for some purpose is a dicey proposition for a lot of people. People are to trust that Microsoft would not carry out the same, and so Edge becomes more appealing.


If Google wishes to retain its edge, it would be required to meet Microsoft where it is and develop its very own internal feature rather than simply rely on others. That means Google Chrome would hopefully become a far much better product than it otherwise might have been.

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