How to Change your Name in Warzone

How to Change your Name in Warzone. It does not matter if you created your warzone account during a more embarrassing time in your life, or you just want to spice things up a bit, now’s is the best time to change the name of your player.

How to Change your Name in Warzone

With season three finally here and there is a major Warzone update, getting logged in might take some time, but it is the place where you locate the options menu to begin.

How to Change your Name in Warzone

It actually does not matter if you are making use of a console or a PC, the steps are the same, and thankfully it’s a pretty easy process. Just remember that you have acquired a rename token once every six months and are only allowed to hold two, so you would not be able to change your name every time too often.

So, in other to change your name in a warzone, follow the steps that I would be stating below. These steps are quick and easy steps to follow:

  • Open up Warzone and then consider get doing something while you wait, if there is an update.
  • Close to the bottom left, select the options menu. It is actually kind of small, but you probably needed it before to change controls or adjust the sound
  • Right on the top, there would be tabs and select account on the far right. This is where all your account options are.
  • Select the Activision account right from the new menu page. This should launch and open a window that shows your current name and account info.
  • Right on the new window select change display name. This would load another window that would let you know how many tokens you have currently for a name change.
  • Enter the new name right on the blank and click on confirm. It should be as simple as that.


Being stuck with a name that does not spell out what you like can be annoying. Well thanks to this name change feature, you can swap things around and lock down a new Gamertag that fits the new you.

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