How do I Add Music to my Facebook Story – Facebook Music Story

Facebook is one of the most used social media applications and any simply an application that has inspired so many other apps. There are so and so many things you can simply do on Facebook these days instead of chatting or viewing people’s timelines. One substance is uploading a Facebook story with music playing in the background. If you have been asking how I add music to my Facebook story you are on the right track.

How do I Add Music to my Facebook Story

So many features that have been released on Facebook have ended up being part of other applications such as. Today we are taking a look at the Facebook story feature that enables you to add music. In this guide, you will know everything you need to know about how to upload a Facebook music story.

Facebook Music Story

A Facebook story feature has been around for quite a while now however it has upgraded it to the point where you can now add music to a story. So yes it is very much possible to add music to your Facebook story. With this latest update that has been around for some time now, you can upload a story and add music to it. The story can be either a video or a picture that you can add music to so that it plays when viewed.

You can add music to any sort of Facebook story as long as it is a Facebook story music can be added to it easily. The process of doing so is not difficult however it can only be done using the Facebook mobile application. The main Facebook application and not the Facebook lite application. Doing this is just simply to add features to your story.

How do I Add Music to my Facebook Story

We have established that in order for you to add music to your story you must only do so using the Facebook application. It cannot be done from the web on your computer or on your smartphone it is only through the Facebook app. Note that you can use stories on your desktop computer or on the Facebook app but cannot use it to add music to stories.

Now before we go ahead and jump in on the process of how to add music to your Facebook story is important you know that there is two kinds of Facebook post that can use music.

  • The first one is an ordinary post that will feature the music lyrics of the song you chose in cover art or sticker. For this, you do not need to upload any image or video in order to add music. You can simply add music to an already made cover art or sticker using the app.
  • While the other one is your actual post which is in form of a video or an image that you can add music to. This method does not require you to use the default cover art or stickers and does not play the lyrics of music added.

How to Create a Music Story

The music post we are talking about here is simply the one you do not add your own image or video. This is the one that shows the lyrics of the song you added to it. To do this following a long procedure:

  • Launch the Facebook application on your Android or iOS device.
  • Now tap on create a story or add story.
  • Tap on the music menu at the top to create a blank post with music.
  • Select any song you like which will generate a music story
  • You can tap on the color dot to change the background color or the filter option to change the effects.
  • Finally, you can make different changes using the options provided.
  • Tap on done when you are through.

How to Create a Facebook Story with Music

This is the kind of story that you use your photo on your email and then I add music to it. To do this follow the below procedure:

  • Launch of Facebook application and tap on create story or add story.
  • Select a photo from your library or snap one.
  • Tap on music.
  • Select music and make all the necessary adjustments and tap and an.
  • Finally, tap on share to story.

That’s all.



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