How to Choose Who Sees Your Story on Facebook

I bet you would love to know How to choose who sees your story on Facebook? Well, this is easy and I will be sharing the information with you on this post in a bit.

How to Choose Who Sees Your Story on Facebook

How to Choose Who Sees Your Story on Facebook

Anything that you add to your story on the Facebook platform will appear on messenger and Facebook and will also be shared with the same audiences on both platforms. Facebook has however given users the ability to control who they share their stories with and as an account holder on the platform, you can always change these settings at any time

Steps To Change the Privacy Settings of Your Story on Facebook

To change the privacy settings of your story on Facebook is easy, but only if you know how to. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • First, add a photo or video to your Facebook story.
  • Next, click the audience selector option next to your story at the bottom right corner. You can either choose public, your friends, or custom option. The public option will allow your Facebook friends, people you have chatted with, and your followers to see your story. However only people you are friends with can reply to your story. The friend’s option means only your friends will see your story both on Facebook and the messenger app. Your messenger connections however will not see your story. The custom option lastly will allow you to select a specific circle of people to see your stories.

To hide your Facebook story from specific people, follow the steps below;

  • First, open the Facebook mobile app for iOS and android
  • Next, set your story privacy to friends
  • Tap the hid story from option and then select the people you would love to hide your story from
  • Tap the done tab at the top of your screen and lastly tap save.

That’s it! Also note that just in case you have placed a person on restricted list, they would not e able to see your story. Any type of change that you make to the privacy settings of your story will be applicable to any video or photos that is currently in your story including those that you intend to add in the nearest future. You can however change the settings at any time.


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