How To Use Microsoft Edge’s New Tab Groups Feature

How to use Microsoft edge’s new tab groups feature – notably useful to many users, the feature arrived this month with version 93 of the browser.

How To Use Microsoft Edge’s New Tab Groups Feature

How To Use Microsoft Edge’s New Tab Groups Feature

The new tab grouping feature of Microsoft edge just arrived this month with version 93 0f the browser. It was detailed officially alongside a grab bag of new tools for September. Some of these tools include new vacation planning and shopping options. The tab groups feature has existed on the browser for a few months now optionally. And you could manually enable it in the browser’s settings. But as of now, the feature is being rolled out to everyone.

Steps To Use the Tabs Group Feature

To make use of this feature you will have to hold down the Ctrl key and left-click on all the tabs that you want to group together, right-click and then select “add tabs to new group.” Tab groups can be named and distinctively colored for easy identification. It can also be minimized to reduce clutter.

The importance of tab groups cannot be overemphasized. They can help you easily keep your work and personal tabs separate. With this, you could easily get through to the tab you are working on currently from the rest. Support for tabs groups has already been available in safari and Google chrome. The Microsoft Edge browser is the latest of browsers to add the feature.

Benefits and Features

Microsoft is also highlighting a host of other new features to edge this month besides tab groups. there is the product reviews dropdown feature that can help display reviews and customer ratings for said products while you browse through them. There is also an automatic express checkout option that can enter your payment details and even try coupon codes.

When you are booking travel tickets, Microsoft edge will also offer travel advice to selected locations in the US. It will also remember the flight references you entered previously as you go through different booking sites.


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