How to Take Screenshots on Windows 11

Well, if taking How to Take Screenshots on Windows 11 has been quite the work for you, then you should be thankful for this content. Screenshots have done a lot for people using it, especially when it comes to capturing and sharing on-screen content quickly and efficiently. Screenshot saves users from going through a lot of processes like downloading webpage content, saving a work in progress, and more.

How to Take Screenshots on Windows 11

Phones have made screenshots so easier as users can easily carry out a screenshot using some quiet gesture approach or using the power and volume-down button. But when it comes to PC, the case is different. Depending on your screen method, it might turn out to be a lot easier to take a screenshot on a Windows 11 PC than making use of a smartphone.

How to Take Screenshots on Windows 11

Below I would be stating several methods on how to take Screenshots on Windows 11. These methods are great, and you can choose to make use of whichever one works best for you. They include:

Print Screen Button

­one of the faster and most reliable ways to take a screenshot is via the print screen button. The button icon varies on keyboards, most times, it appears as PrtSC, PrtScrn, or PrtScr. In other to take a screenshot using the print screen button just tap on the print screen button and your on-screen content would be saved to your clipboard. You can choose to launch the screenshot by pasting it (CRTL+V) directly in an open document or image editing software like paint.

Print Screen + Windows button

One trusted way to capture a screenshot is by making use of both the Print Screen button and the windows button. This combo would save a copy of your screenshot locally on your PC. Once you click on the two buttons together, the screen should blink. The blinking means the screenshot has been saved.

To locate the image, head to photos in your file explorer, a screenshot folder should appear on it. Open the folder and there you would find your screenshot.

Snipping Tool

Aside from saving the whole screen, what if you just want to save a portion of the screen? Well, that is the part where the snipping tool hops in. to bring out the snipping too, press Windows + Shift + S. once you do that, the screen’s brightness would reduce with an indicator to highlight that part you wish to cut out or screenshot.

All you have to do is click and drag. Highlight where you want to save and then and immediately your screenshot would be saved to the clipboard.

Xbox Game Bar

Microsoft created an Xbox game bar tool on windows 10 and 11. This game bar allows gamers to capture their in-game skills and share the gameplay clips with ease. Well, the game bar also came with a screenshot tool.

To access this tool, click on Windows + G to bring out the Game bar. Once you do that, at the top left you should find a bar that has several record and capture options. On the bar, click on the icon with the camera. Once you do that, your screenshot should be taken immediately. You can access the screenshot photo on the picture folder of windows 11 file explorer.

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