YouTube Rolls Out Animated Android

YouTube is one and all favorite video streaming app. People spend a lot of time-consuming YouTube content, whether they are at the Airport, at work, or relaxing on their couch. YouTube rolls out is an act of making a new product, service, or system available for the internet. YouTube is here to roll out the animated android.

YouTube Rolls Out Animated Android

Over the years, the site has witnessed a huge increase in viewers who stream content on the Android player.

YouTube Rolls Out Animated Android

The first Google app to adopt this animation is Drive. You first see Drive’s six-sided shape empty and hollowed-out. Once the splash screen takes over the entire display, the dark green, yellow, red, blue, dark blue, and green colors slide in from the edge.

The animated Google maps splash screen is now rolled out to the stable channel with version 11.6.2. YouTube also rolls out music and rolls out animated on android 12.

YouTube Rolls Out Music for Android

YouTube Music is now available on Android 12. The bottom half provides fast access to your recently played videos, albums, playlists, and more.

YouTube music specifically surfaces pleased that users have automatically selected to play. It can show 4, 5, 8, and 10 recent tracks, with the largest 5×4 configuration also boosting the album artwork of what is currently on.

Like on IOS, a tap instantly starts playback with this serving as an out-of-app replacement for quick picks or the library tabs recent activity carousel. This widget has the upside of being persistent compared to the changing positions of sections in the Home Feed.

Animated Android 12 Splash Screen YouTube Rolls Out

YouTube is broadly rolling out with the animated splash screen. Every app that opens in android 12 is accompanied by a launch animated to make the startup a more consistent and delightful experience.

YouTube is tasting an animated splash screen with the modern beta starts with the scooped-out shape of the play button and it is quite nuanced. There is also a white triangle for the play symbol, while the vibrancy grows until the entire shape is filled.

Google Contacts gained an animated splash screen with its broader Material You revamp. Version 3.52 of the app changes it so the icon no longer populates from left to right. Rather, it loads from the center with the person getting larger.

Android 12 animated splash screen

The app will enlarge out from wherever it’s positioned on the home screen (or network) until it takes over the four corners of the screen. This whimsical aspect of Android 12 starts when you tap a request.

When you open an app, you haven’t launched in a while (cold or warm start), you’re also greeted with a splash screen that features the icon. As such, users are not subject to extra delay when getting back to an app they just opened (hot start).

Creators are able to adapt the logo that appears, as well as the ability to use an animated icon. The additional interesting aspect is how animations “can have an unlimited duration,” but Google endorses keeping it to 1,000 milliseconds. Creators can discover full employment details here.

Android 12 rolling out to Galaxy S20 & Galaxy Z Fold 2

Samsung has started rolling out the stable Android 12/one UI 4.0 update in some regions to its Galaxy S20 & Z Fold 2. Samsung is rolling out of Android 12 is back on full steam heads, along with the rollout resuming and even expanding to more regions for the company’s newest foldable.

the Android 12 rollout seems to only be viewing up in Switzerland so far, For the Galaxy S20 and Note 20, but it hits every single device across the two rosters together with Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S20 FE, note 20, and Note 20 Ultra.

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