Overwatch 2 Sojourn – Overwatch New Character

The Overwatch 2 Sojourn hype is at the moment at a fever pitch. With the beta’s arrival, the new hero is undoubtedly one of the biggest draws to the game’s huge overhaul.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn

Overwatch New Character

The first new character was added to the Overwatch roster in over two years, with the last hero Echo, released all the way back in April 2020. She also happens to be the first new character to be released for overwatch 2, making her a special milestone in the franchise’s history.

What waits for you when you get stuck in the Overwatch 2 beta happens to be the fast, versatile, and ultimately powerful hero that was armed with a unique railgun weapon. Sojourn’s a former member of Overwatch, and she is set to fight. She would fight with the rest of the Overwatch 2 characters.

If you decide to hop right into all the beta and want a taste of the new hero, we have got you covered. Well, this article has everything you need. A breakdown of the entire loadout has been compiled, as well as tips and tricks to best utilize her on the battlefield. Without further ado, below I would be giving you everything you need to know concerning the new Overwatch Hero Sojourn.

Overwatch 2 Sojourn

Despite her absence from the overwatch’s original roster, Sojourn happens to be an important part of the group’s history. She and her Canadian special forces worked with overwatch during the Omnic Crisis, which lead to soldier 76 offering her a spot in the supergroup once that conflict was resolved.

As one part of Overwatch, Sojourn found herself in a commanding position, leading missions both on the ground and back at base. Overwatch players would know her from the storm-rising PvE event, where she led a team of Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy against Talon agent, Maximilien.

However, When Overwatch was legally forced to stop operating, she released her time with the group had come to an end and moved on to as of yet revealed pastures.

Gameplay Breakdown

Sojourn happens to be a DPS hero, which yes does mean that the already enormous roster of damage-focused characters has grown. With that stated, Sojourn does offer some unique play possibilities. She is a strong contender in Overwatch 2, and definitely a hero you want to consider when you get into the PvP beta.

Sojourn has high mobility damage and has one-hit potential if you can hit your headshots. Her railgun happens to be the first on the Overwatch roster, and her whole loadout is focused on it. If you happen to go on with her weapon, you would love her, because all of her abilities would make it better, or put you in a place to make using it a lot better.

Primary Fire: Railgun

Her primary weapon is a railgun, however, if you were expecting to pick up and feel like you are playing quake. Where the railgun was a slow-firing, high-damage weapon – there is a catch. Her basic weapon is not actually a railgun.

Ultimate: Overclock

Sojourn basically does what it says on the tin. It overclocks her railgun meaning that it would charge automatically at a rapid pace. You should be able to fire Six round shots during the duration

Power Slide

The power slide happens to be one of the Sojourn’s strongest assets. Movement abilities are always strong in Overwatch, and this is one of the abilities with the most maneuverability.

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