How to Screenshot on an Acer Laptop

Acer Laptops is an amazing brand of laptop, and if you are using one, then you probably must be having a good time. in this content, I would be giving you detail on how to screenshot on an Acer laptop. With this brand, things are not that different.

How to Screenshot on an Acer Laptop

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Where Do Screenshots Get Saved to on Acer laptops?

Before we get to how to take screenshots on Acer Laptops, you need to know where to access screenshots on Acer Laptops. Using the Print Screen button or the snipping tool would save a screenshot to a file, so you would be required to paste the screenshot to an image editing app and then save it.

Users of the Microsoft OneDrive also get to turn on features that would allow them to save a copy of the screenshots they take using the Print screen to OneDrive. The screenshot would get saved as a PNG file to OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots.

With windows + Print Screen, the screenshot would be saved to PC\Pictures\Screenshots as a PNG image file.

Screenshot on an Acer Laptop with Print Screen

You get to take a screenshot by pressing the Print Screen button on the laptop’s keyboard. It is usually located in the function row and is mostly abbreviated as PrtSc.

The Print Screen would save you a screenshot to the Windows Clipboard. You also can paste it into apps or on web pages with Ctrl+V.

Also, the Print screen would save a screenshot to the Microsoft OneDrive if you are yet to get the app installed and grant it permission to store the screenshots on Onedrive. The app would request permission the first time that you make use of the Print Screen with OneDrive installed.

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Screenshot on an Acer Laptop with Windows + Print Screen

In other to save a file rather than have it on the clipboard, press windows + Print Screen. This would save your screenshot to this PC\Pictures\Screenshots.

Snipping Tool

If what you need is a portion of the screen, then make use of the snipping tool. Below I would be stating how it works.

  • Launch the windows start menu
  • Then tap All apps
  • The scroll to the snipping tool and then launch it. The list of apps is alphabetical, so the snipping tool is near the end.
  • To begin a new screenshot, tap on new

The snipping tool offers multiple screenshot modes that would allow you to capture only a particular area, a specific window, or the whole screen. Screenshots get saved on the windows clipboard.

Using Windows + Shift + S

Alternatively, you get to summon the snipping tool using the Windows + Shift + S. This would help bypass the app’s main screen and then launch directly to snapping a screenshot.

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How Can I Take a Screenshot on my Dell

To do this, you can, make use of the same keyboard commands to take a screenshot on an HP laptop. Also, you can make use of snip and sketch.

How do I Screenshot on a Dell Laptop

Dell laptops also come with print screen keys, but you also might need to do something different based on the model. Some of the versions place the print screen on the F10 key, meaning that you might have to hold down Fn while pressing it.

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