Lesotho Defence Force LDF Recruitment 2022 – Apply Now

Do you want to join the Lesotho Defence Force? Right here, you are going to get useful and current information about the recruitment of the Lesotho defence force in 2022.

Lesotho Defence Force LDF Recruitment 2022

In this page, you shall get important information about the Lesotho Defence Force. The Salary structure, recruitment exercise, the opening, and closing dates, etc. Therefore, you can not afford to miss this.

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Lesotho Defence Force LDF Recruitment 2022

Before moving into details about the registration process, and dates. Let‘s get some information about the Lesotho defence force.

The mission of the Lesotho Defence Force

The major mission of this body is to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Lesotho and uphold the constitution of Lesotho.

The Role of the Lesotho Defense Force

The Lesotho Defence force has a very wide range of important roles in the country. The work assigned to them ranges from supporting security organs and ministries to providing disaster relief operations.

The roles of the Lesotho defence force are given below;

  • They give assistance in the preservation of life, health and properties.
  • They provide maintenance for essential services.
  • The Lesotho defence force helps to uphold law and order in the country as a support to the police.
  • One of its duties is to support state Departments as directed by the Government.
  • They help in compliance with international obligations like peacekeeping support operations and regional military co-operation.

These are the major roles of the Lesotho Defence Force.

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Lesotho Defence Force Recruitment Requirements

To be qualified for the Lesotho Defence force recruitment, you will need to have the following qualifications.

  • To be considered, you must be a graduate or you must have passed the Matric/GCE/LGSE examinations with proof to show for it.
  • You must be a citizen of Lesotho
  • A well-structured Curriculum Vitae is needed
  • Single or unmarried applicants have a better chance.
  • You must be between the age range of 20 – 25 years if your qualification is Matric/GCE/LGSE2
  • You must not be above 30 years if you want to join the army to become an officer from a civilian. You must also be a graduate of a well-recognised institution.
  • If you are a professional with a different field of study, you must not be above 30 years of age.

These are the major requirements for applying for the Lesotho Defense force

Lesotho Defence Force Opening and Closing Dates

Presently, the opening and closing dates for the Lesotho Defence force application process are not certain yet. The dates have not been announced for the year 2022.

Keep checking this page for updates on these dates or you can go to their main website from time to time to get updates.

How to Apply for the Lesotho Defence Force

There is a dedicated website that was recently launched by the Lesotho defence force. This website is www.ldf.gov.ls/. With this website, you can get updated information about the Lesotho Defence Force’s Opening and closing dates.

This website will also inform its users when the enlistment has been done. The date of the interviews will be announced and the applicants will write the examinations from selected venues in their respective districts.

After this stage, applicants with the highest scores will be selected and go through medical, physical, mental and criminal and mental examinations.

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Lesotho Defense Force History

The Lesotho Defense force is a broad body consisting of the Lesotho Army and Air Force. This body was established in the year 1978. The main aim of this body is to protect the people and properties of Lesotho.

This body started with only a few thousand people but now, its population has increased to about 2.3 million people. The increase in the population of the country necessitated the government to increase the staffing of military service.

In the year 2005, the number of citizens of the country fit for employment was about 400,000. This was before the bill of military restructuring was posted in Lesotho. This bill was prompted by the interference of the military in the political system of Lesotho.

Soon the aim of the government was achieved as the military agreed to stay off governance and focus on its primary duty which is the protection of its citizens.

History of the Lesotho Defence Air Force

The Lesotho air force started in the year 1978 as part of the nation’s defence system. This arm is reported to have started with two short Skyvan twin-turboprop STOL means of transport.

The airforce was gifted an aircraft ny Liberia in 1983 but three years later. , the helicopter was deemed not worthy of use.

The Lesotho airforce was trained by the Indian Military in the year 2014.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lesotho Defence Force Recruitment

Do I Need A Degree To Become An Officer In The Lesotho Defence Force?

No, you don‘t. Although many officers have joined the army with a university degree but may not be immediately elevated to become officers. Officers are chosen based on qualities rather than qualifications.

What is the Lesotho Defence Force Salary Structure

There is currently no publication about the Lesotho Defence force salary system, but we can assure you that the men and women serving in the Lesotho Military are rewarded handsomely on a yearly basis and are given lots of benefits.

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Lesotho Weapons Does the Lesotho Defence Force Have?

The weapons possessed by this body include weapons like short guns, trucks and other advanced military arsenals. The country has invested millions of dollars into the defence force since it started. About 2.3% of the Lesotho Annual budget is said to be reserved for the nation‘s defence.

What is the Website for the Lesotho Defence Force Application?

The website to apply for this is www.ldf.gov.ls/. You can go there from time to time to get updates on when the registration process will start and when it will end.

Conclusively, we are ever ready to give you the correct information. Refer back to this website for updates on this particular topic. We will post updates when more information about the Lesotho Defence force recruitment is released.

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