Apple Arcade Set To Welcome Hanx 101 Trivia Quiz Game

Apple arcade set to welcome Hanx 101 trivia quiz game. There is a trivia app in the boot of tom hank and it’s making its way to apple arcade. This new game, hank 101 trivia is an all-new quiz game that will soon be available on apple devices.

Apple Arcade Set To Welcome Hanx 101 Trivia Quiz Game

Apple Arcade Set To Welcome Hanx 101 Trivia Quiz Game

If you love games and you feel like Wordle is no longer giving you the excitement that it uses, there just might be a solution for that from an unlikely source, Tom Hanks, a celebrated actor, and director. Hank at the moment is in collaboration with BlueLine Studios, an indie game developer in creating Hanx 101 Trivia. The Hanx 101 Trivia is a new quiz game that will be exclusively released on apple arcade on the 2nd of September.

Hanx 101 Trivia Will Be Covering a Host of Topics

If you are a fan of Tom Hanks, you have nothing to worry about. And even if you cannot separate your woodys from your Wilsons, there is also no issue here. Although the name of the new game will be named with respect to the actor, Hanx 101 Trivia will be covering a host of topics and this is including food, art, history, and event technology. You should however know that Tom Hanks will be featured in the game using his dulcet tones as the narrator of the game.

And while Hanx 101 Trivia is the very first gaming app that Tom Hanks has helped in creating, it is not his first jinx on the app store. The actor back in 2014 launched the Hanx Writer which is a typewriter app that was inspired by the love he has for the mechanical writing device.

How to Play the Game Hanx 101 Trivia Game When It Launches

If you wish to play the game Hanx 101 Trivia when it launches, you will need to have access to one of the best iPhones, best MacBooks, best iPads, or even an Apple TV 4K as well as a subscription to apple arcade. A subscription to the service will cost you just $5 monthly. This, therefore, means that even though you are there for the Hanx game, it’s not that much to spend as you will be playing the game for 30 days.


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