Nvidia Reports Plunge in Sales of GPU

Nvidia reports a plunge in sales of GPU which could ultimately be great news for consumers altogether. It seems to be a difficult time for the graphics card industry and Nvidia is not left out.

Nvidia Reports Plunge in Sales of GPU

Nvidia Reports Plunge in Sales of GPU

The sales of graphics cards fell strongly both in terms of discrete standalone GPUs and integrated CPUs which are the ones that are built into processors in the second quarter of 2022. And according to an analyst from the Nvidia firm, the company, in particular, took a huge beating.

And as reported by Tom’s Hardware, Jon Peddle Research (JPR) has now produced the figures for Q2 of 2022 which sees that overall sales of GPUs fell by 14.9% in contrast to the previous quarter all due to the demand for PCs falling short with the rising cost of living beginning to play a very huge role in all of this.

Shipments of Standalone Graphics Cards Dipped In Q2

The shipments of standalone graphics cards also fell through and way more further than the integrated ones, dropping by 22.6% and of course, Nvidia was hit the hardest, with a 25.7% sip in sales for Q2. In comparison, AMD had a far less impactful drop of 7.6% when compared to the previous quarter.

Another firm, Intel, dropped by 9.8% as integrated GPUs fell also with the number of processors for PCs being shipped falling by 7% quarter on quarter and 34% year-on-year which is quite an eye-opening figure also.

JPR Stats Show Overall Troubling Future for the GPU Industry

When looked at, these dips can be quite worrying, with Nvidia in particular. And as observed by JPR, the overall future of the GPU industry looks troubling, writing that: “Global events such as the continued war in Ukraine, Russia’s manipulation of gas supplies to Western Europe, and the subsequent nervousness those events create have put a dampener on Europe’s economy; the UK is in recession with high inflation. Forecasting has never been more challenging, and as a result, our forecast and others’ will get revised frequently as new data appears.”


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