How to Split Screen on iPad

This article is all about how to split screen on iPad. The iPad is a fantastic device that falls somewhere between a tablet and a laptop. It runs on an operating system called iPadOS, which comes with some cool features.

How to Split Screen on iPad
How to Split Screen on iPad

What surprises me is how many people aren’t aware of or don’t use many of these features. One of the standout features that you might not be taking advantage of is multitasking, also known as split-screen or Split View.

In simple terms, multitasking allows you to run two apps side by side on your iPad’s screen and switch between them effortlessly. This means you can, for example, have two websites open simultaneously, take notes in the Notes app while reading an article, or check your messages while watching a video in another app, all without missing a beat.

How to Use Split View for Split Screen on An iPad

Here are the simple instructions to follow to use split view for split-screen on iPad:

Open the App’s Menu

When you’re on your home screen, open the first app on your iPad. Look for three dots at the top of the app, then tap on them to see more options.

Of course, there’s a clearer explanation:

Choose Split View

When you tap on those three dots, a menu will pop up with options for how you can view the current app:

  • Split View: This option places two apps side by side, and you can change their sizes by dragging the line between them.
  • Slide Over: With this choice, one app floats above another, and you can move it to the left or right side of your screen.
  • Full Screen: To stop using multiple apps at once, select this option.

Keep in mind that not all apps support multitasking or Split View. If you can’t see the three dots on your iPad screen, it means that split-screen mode isn’t available for that particular app.

Choose Split View and Add a Second App

To split your screen and use two apps together, tap on the middle option with the Split View icon. This will prompt you to pick a second app to display alongside the first one.

Once both apps are on your screen in multitasking mode, you can move them around by dragging them to switch sides or adjust their sizes.

You can also use both apps simultaneously, just like when the Notes app is shown as a floating window over Safari. You can easily switch between these two apps.

Using this feature is simple: tap the three dots, select the option you want, and choose the second app you want to use. To go back to using only one app, tap the “Full Screen” button in the multitasking toolbar.

This is a fantastic way to make the most of your iPad’s screen space!


How do I turn off the split-screen on the iPad?

To exit Split View on your iPad, follow these steps:

  • When you’re viewing two apps side by side, tap the three dots at the top of the app you want to view in full-screen mode.
  • Select the full-screen icon, which is the first option in the menu that appears.

The app will then switch to full-screen mode.

Alternatively, you can also close a split-screen window by dragging the divider bar to the left or right edge of your screen. If your iPad has a home button, you can double-press it to close the apps you want to get rid of.

Why won’t my iPad do split-screen?

If you can’t see the three dots at the top of the screen, likely, the app you’re using doesn’t support Multitasking or Split View.

It’s also possible that your iPad may not support this feature. To use Split View, your iPad must be one of the following models: iPad Pro, iPad 5th generation or newer, iPad Air 2 or newer, or iPad Mini 4 or newer.

If you have a compatible device but still can’t use split-screen, follow these steps to ensure it’s enabled:

  • Go to Settings on your iPad from the home screen.
  • Select General.
  • Tap on Multitasking.
  • Ensure that the “Allow Multiple Apps” toggle is turned on.
  • Also, enable “Persistent Video Overlay” and “Gestures.”

Another possible reason for not being able to use split-screen could be your iPad’s auto-rotation. Make sure “Auto-rotate” is enabled and not locked before attempting to use Multitask.

Can I Open Several Windows on Safari?

Yes, you can open multiple windows in Safari using an iPad’s Multitasking menu. Here’s how:

  • Tap the three dots at the top of the Safari screen.
  • Select the “Split View” button.
  • When choosing an app to pair with Safari, select Safari again.

This will open another window, allowing you to browse two web pages simultaneously.



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