How to Hard Reset a Nintendo Switch – How to Perform a Factory Reset

If you want to learn How to Hard Reset a Nintendo Switch, then this content is for you. If you have a Nintendo Switch that would not turn on, then you might be required to perform a hard reset. This procedure is an easy one, and it can be done in just a couple of seconds; however, there are a number of options for you to consider, depending on what you need.

How to Hard Reset a Nintendo Switch

How to Hard Reset a Nintendo Switch

You might be required to enter recovery mode to perform a factory reset if you’re selling your console, or just simply want to make sure that any ghosts in the machine get exorcised entirely. We would explain just how hard it is to reset a Nintendo Switch below. The steps include:

  • When your system is off, press and hold the power button down until your Nintendo Switch resets. This might take up to 15 seconds, so do not take your finger off the button too early
  • Release the power button, and then press it again to restart the console
  • If the process you followed was successful, then your switch would boot up as normal

Reset Your Nintendo Switch Without Losing Data

If you are having problems with your switch, you can choose to perform a reset and save your data stored on the console by entering Recovery Mode. This is really necessary if your console is not functioning very well, but would clear any niggling issues that might have sprung up. The steps include:

  • First, turn off your Switch by holding down the power button. Choose power options > Power Off, which would cause any suspended software to close up.
  • Hold the Volume up and volume down buttons right on the console top and then press the power button
  • The Normal Nintendo and Nintendo Switch logo should appear, but you would be offered a ‘Recover Mode’ Screen. From here, you can select ‘Restore Factory Settings Without deleting save the data’, which would erase all on the console except for the saved data, screenshots, videos, and users’ details.

How to Perform a Factory Reset

If you wish to sell your switch or trade it in, you would need to perform a Factory reset on the console and erase all your data and then return the console to its out-of-the-box settings. These steps should only be necessary if you are looking forward to wiping out the entire data on your console, so have it at the back of your mind before you proceed. If you want to do this follow the steps stated below.

  • Follow the same steps stated above to enter “Recovery Mode”
  • Select ‘Restore Factory Settings’ to delete all data that is in the system memory.

With all these steps, if you ever have issues with booting on your Nintendo Switch, or you just want to erase data, then this article should be quite useful.


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