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JobNimbus can be defined as a CRM and contractor management solution suitable for home service companies. It helps to manage your contact, tasks, and projects from start to finish along with detailed reporting capabilities.


With JobNimbus, your business can manage all their contact in one central place. Contacts can be introduced from multiple sales channels including emails and phone calls. The solution allows project managers to assign tasks to their teams, monitor progress, and send notifications to clients and stakeholders.


The company was developed in 2003 with the help of leading industry trainers to give contractors project management. The idea of it started when three friends with an entrepreneurial mindset, tech backgrounds, and a drive for problem solving found themselves in the orbit of a project aimed at accountability for homeowners who needed roof replacements.

The company is owned by Nick, Jason, and Ben who came from different backgrounds to prepare a suitable home service for people. The company is all about Utah-based CRM software. So, we are going to be looking into the meaning of CRM software.

What is CRM software?

CRM software is a system and process that provide all the essential tools for businesses to retain customers and, through it, achieve sustained sales growth. At JobNimbus, if you want to grow your business, you need all the moving parts working seamlessly together.

With CRM software, your business can be put back in the driver’s seat. It helps you to be the best CRM for small businesses.

How it works

JobNimbus is an amazing company. They combined project management and CRM into one amazing application. They also take a customer from the initial lead all the way through production and final billing.

The company is customizable so if you are only in need of a few projects management or CRM capabilities, you can configure JobNimbus to match your business needs. It is built to be the only tool you need to manage customers and projects.

All you need to do for it to work is to:

  • Make one place for all your contacts
  • Track leads and proposals
  • Estimate your projects
  • Turn a lead into a job
  • Create tasks to get things done
  • Collaborate with everyone

Why JobNimbus?

Cloud-Based Advantages: JobNimbus stores data on the cloud, so applications are platform self-governing and can be retrieved from anywhere. Users can also benefit from regular backups, consistent updates, and better data security.

Improved Collaboration: Document sharing and visibility into job statuses ensure that team members are on the same page and no task goes overlooked.

Mobile apps: the app lets contractors upload data to the cloud, the on-the-go. it helps the users create accurate estimates as well as track live projects. It offers info everywhere, anywhere in the mobile app

What is JobNimbus Pricing?

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your business and the price in JobNimbus? Or way to get a demo. If yes then you are in the right place.

They offer customized packages for each account based on their size and growth goals. The following are prices options:

  • Free plan
  • Subscription
  • Free trial

Click here to start a trial

The pricing range is View Pricing Plans

JobNimbus Customer Service

There are many ways to reach the company. You can reach them through their Email Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. you can also reach them by giving them a call.

But if you get questions, you can check out the help center. Just click the button to get the answers you need.


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