How To Enable Facebook Stars On Video Streams

Do you want to learn How To Enable Facebook Stars On Video Streams? Do you want to earn from online video streams? If that is your earnest desire. Then you have come to the right place. Facebook stars have come to make your dreams a reality.

How To Enable Facebook Stars On Video Streams

How To Enable Facebook Stars On Video Streams

Perhaps, you already have a lot of people following your video streams and you think that would be a very good source of income for you, but you do not know how to enable these stars or how to earn from them. In this article, we have made it our major task to help you achieve this goal. Keep reading to get this information.

First off, before we go into the subject of discussion, you have to understand the main concept of Facebook stars.

Facebook Stars – What is Facebook Stars?

Facebook has come up with a very useful feature for its users called facebook stars. Facebook star is a feature that Facebook has developed to help you monetize your stream on Facebook. With this feature, users can buy Facebook stars and send them to you while you are streaming.

With that, your fans can also send animated, virtual gifts attached to different star amount that will appear in your stream. You will recieve a sum of $0.01 for every star you recieve on Facebook. Well, we will go into that in the next part of this article ( keep reading).

Facebook Stars Cost | How Much Does it Cost to Buy Facebook Stars?

If you want to gift people, video creators, or gaming creators with stars. This is what it costs; 100 stars will cost about $14.99 or PHP 74.99 on Facebook. If you want to buy a higher amount of stars, the table below can be a very good guide.

  • 25 Stars – $0.49 PHP 17.79
  • 60 Stars – $0.99 or PHP 42.70
  • 100 Stars – $1.49 or PHP 71.19
  • 378 Stars – $5.38 or PHP 267.81 (5% Off)
  • 795 Stars – $13.24 or PHP 535.63 (10% Off)
  • 2,235 Stars – $26.80 or PHP 1,339.07 (20% Off)
  • 4,465 Stars – $53.44 or PHP 2,678.14 (20% Off)
  • 9,525 Stars – $107.84 or PHP 5,356.28 (25% Off)

Now that you know the cost of facebook stars, you can now gift your favorite game creators with facebook stars as much as you can.

Facebook Stars Worth

Facebook stars are a very good way to earn money for streamers with good and entertaining content. The stars is a monetization feature or tool on Facebook that allows the streamers to get donations or gifts from their fans on Facebook during their lifestream. Your stars can be converted to cash at a particular threshold value and period.

These are the costs or worth for each star. One star is worth $0.01, therefore for every 10,000 stars will get $100 or PHP 500 or MYR418. Below is a chart to help you understand this better.

stars Value in Dollars Value in PHP Value in MYR  
1 $0.01 0.5 PHP 0.0418 MYR  
100 $1.00 50 PHP 4.18 MYR  
1000 $10.00 500 PHP 41.8 MYR  
10000 $100.00 5000 PHP 418 MYR  
100000 $1000.00 50000 PHP 4180 MYR  
1000000 $10000.00 500000 PHP 41800 MYR  


This means that you can earn a lot by harnessing the Facebook stars platform. There are a lot of tricks to this, but the basic thing is to attract as many viewers as possible.

How To Enable Facebook Stars On Video Streams

Not everyone can qualify to get facebook stars, if you want to be able to recieve stars as a video streamer on the huge platform called Facebook, here are the requirements you have to meet.

  • You must have a video creator page
  • You must stream video gaming content for at least four hours within the last 14 days
  • You must have streamed video gaming content at least two days in the last 14 days
  • You must have at least 100 followers on your page
  • You must be on the Facebook stars eligible countries, refer to my other article to get a list of the eligible countries.
  • You must meet the facebook stars community standards

Now that you know the eligibility criteria for facebook stars, you can now enable the Facebook stars to feature on your account.

How to Enable Facebook Stars

Before you can recieve facebook stars, you have to join level up ( a program that helps you unlock some features and monetize your Facebook streams)

How to Join Level Up

  • Create a gaming creator page, or better still, convert an existing creator page to a gaming video creator page
  • Increase the followers of the page to at least 100 followers
  • Meet the other requirements listed above

Now that you have joined level up, these are the steps to enable the Facebook stars feature

  • Go to the creator studio
  • Click to the creative tools
  • Go to your live dashboard
  • Click on set up stars
  • Choose your payment information

Facebook Stars Payout

If you want to withdraw your facebook stars earnings on Facebook, your payouts will be issued to your account approximately 30 days after the end of the month that the stars were received, for example, your June earnings will be sent to you in August, and you can only withdraw stars of at least $100 worth.


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