How to Create Your Own Custom Themes in Gmail – How to Make a Personal Custom Theme on Gmail

How to Create Your Own Custom Themes in Gmail. To a lot of people, Gmail possesses an all-too-familiar look. But the default theme that has a pure while the background and red accents are not the only options for you.

How to Create Your Own Custom Themes in Gmail


Google has placed tons of preset themes for Gmail on desktop. You can choose to select between high contrast mode, solid colors that include a night theme, and a huge collection of eye-catching images according to Google support.

Gmail Custom Themes

Customization and personalization on Gmail go far beyond preloaded themes. You can choose to design a custom Gmail theme and truly make it your own. It only takes just some simple steps to turn a photo of your choice into the background. You can choose to change the text background color, work on the blur levels, and even add a vignette. Plus, the accents would automatically shift to complement the new theme.

Note that custom themes work really well on desktop. Android and iOS only support the default light and Dark Mode for the Gmail app. With all that stated, here is how to create your own custom theme in Gmail.

How to Create Your Own Custom Themes in Gmail

The built-in image catalog is expected to include a variety of backgrounds – from cityscapes to nature categories. But you can choose to upload your very own photos and customize them into themes.

First sign in to your Gmail on your desktop (Mac, Windows, or Linux). From the quick settings menu, launch the panel with the collection of pre-installed themes. Next, hit on view all, and a window that is titled “pick your theme” would pop up with dozens of themes to choose from. At this point, select one of the pre-designed themes. Or, tap the More images button in other to reveal hundreds of high—quality backgrounds.

Turn your attention to the three gray icons next to the cancel and then tap on the saving buttons when you have selected one. They control the text, vignette filter, and blur settings, respectively. You can choose to change the text background from light to Dark for better readability. You need to take note that tweaking the Vignette filter darkens the corners. And finally, adjusting the blur levels would make the background a little bit distracting.

How to make a Personal Custom Theme on Gmail

If you are interested in making use of a custom or personal photo for the background image, first you need to upload it to Google Photos. Click my Photos button on the left corner of the “pick your theme” window. Next, in the “Select Your background image” section, pick a photo that has already been uploaded to Google photos. After that, you can repeat steps 5-8 in other to change the Vignette, blur, and text background settings. After all that is done, hit the save icon to apply the new custom Gmail theme.

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