Google IO 2022 – Google IO 2022 Keynote Live

It’s about time for the Google IO 2022 to kick off, as the company’s software-focused show runs from May 11 to the 12th of May, but it is the first day – and specifically, Google’s keynote where most of the announcements would be happening.

Google IO 2022

Google IO 2022

The keynote has been scheduled for 1PM ET / 10am PT / 6pm BST, or 3am AEST on May 12 for those that are based in Australia, and we would be expecting to hear all about Android 13 and updates to wear OS. There is a great chance that we will be seeing the Google Pixel 6a, and we might even see the pixel watch.

The good news here is that you do not get to travel to the shoreline Amphitheatre in California to watch the keynote, as while that’s where it’s being held, Google like most other tech companies is streaming, so the whole world gets a chance to watch.

How to Watch the Google IO 2022 Keynote Live

The streaming of the IO 2022 Keynote would be going live on YouTube, so you can choose to watch it live and in full via this URL.

Well, we would be giving all Google fans out there a walkthrough of the Google IO 2022 event. This event will definitely be fire with it potentially expected to feature some of major Google’s latest devices. You can choose to follow the keynote while the launch is on.

According to the main keynote, there is a developer-focused keynote, that you can be here to check it out. And, if you happen to be interested in watching any of the sessions being held over the rest of Google IO 2022, you can choose to head over to the official site for that. You would be required to register for most of them, but that is free to do and open to everybody.

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