Check Google Mail: How to Check Your Google Mail Inbox

Checking Gmail account is one of the most important parts of having a google account. The Google mail account requires so much attention because of what goes in and out. In this article, we will be discussing “Check Google Mail”. In simple terms, it is all about checking your Google Mail account.

Check Google Mail

Check Google Mail

The Google mail account is one important and functional part of the Google Company today. It is part of the programs that brought Google to it glorious fame and also what made Google one of the best internet service provider.

If you are in possession of the account you should try to check the account at least once in a while so you can discover new things. Google mail performs so many amazing things that you would not discover until you start checking your account from time to time.

Things You Should Check In Your Google Mail Account

There are several things you should check in your account in case you feel that there is nothing to check in your account. Well, we all know that you need to check your inbox for received email messages but apart from that, there are still other things you need to check for. These are things like checking for new updates, starred messages, your draft and so much more.

Features of Google Mail

Below are some of the things you are bound to discover when you begin checking your Google Mail.

  • It enables you to place an expiring date on each message sent.
  • It enables users to access emails offline.
  • Options on how to respond to messages are made available.
  • The updated warning banner explains the warning more.
  • You can change the view of your inbox.
  • It enables you to suspend unwanted messages but not urgent.

There are so many more updates to discover when you start using and checking your Gmail account.

How to Open Your Gmail Account to Check Google Mail

In Order to check your account all you have to do is to;

  • Open the Gmail site using
  • Type in your email address and then the password.
  • Hit the “Next” or “Sign in” button and you should be signed in.

By default, you should be on inbox and that is how to check your Gmail account.


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