Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser Highlights Breaks After Update

Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser Highlights Breaks After Update. The Google Pixel 6’s magic eraser feature, which allows you to eliminate undesirable individuals or items from your photographs, seems to have been broken by a new update, PhoneArena reports.

Pixel 6's Magic Eraser Highlights Breaks After Update

Various clients across Reddit and Twitter are announcing that endeavoring to utilize it causes the Google Photos application to crash, leaving them unfit to utilize an element that has been intensely advertised in the advancement of Google’s most recent leader cell phone.

Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser Highlights Breaks After Update

The issue is the most recent in a series of bugs to have hit the Pixel 6. Back in December, Google had to stop the rollout of an update after proprietors whined that it was causing network association issues for their gadgets.

Android 12 has been an uncommonly rough update for some gadgets; however, Google’s Pixel arrangement appears to have been particularly hard hit. This isn’t even the primary bug influencing the enchanted eraser highlight after a prior update supernaturally deleted it from telephones.

Google’s Support Accounts Have Responded to a Couple of Complaints

Android Police reports that the issue seems connected with Google Photos variant, and until further notice, there doesn’t appear to be a method for fixing the issue.

Google’s help accounts have reacted to several protests, and are encouraging impacted clients to contact support and follow the investigating steps on this help page.

Meanwhile, on the off chance that you rely upon admittance to the enchanted eraser apparatus, you should debilitate programmed refreshes on the Google Photos application.

Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are a move forward from all past Pixel telephones. Aside from pressing leader-level specs and a noteworthy sticker price, Google has additionally depended on close equipment and programming coordination on these gadgets to offer numerous selective new elements.

While some of them may be viewed as a trick, others are really helpful and will work on everyday convenience.

The features on pixel 6 also set them apart from other Android devices in the market, as you won’t be able to experience them on any other device.

Features of Pixel 6

Every unique feature on Google’s new phones

Do you think these exclusive features make the Pixel 6 worth buying over many other phones; it’s your choice to make.


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