Hamilton College Acceptance Rate 2023 & Requirement

Hamilton College, located in Clinton, New York, is a distinguished private liberal arts college. As of the fall of 2021, the college boasts an enrollment of approximately 2,000 undergraduate students.

Hamilton College Acceptance Rate

Hamilton’s curriculum is diverse, offering 57 areas of study, including 44 majors, and allowing students the opportunity to design interdisciplinary concentrations. The student body at Hamilton is composed of 55% female students and 45% male students, hailing from 27% U.S. states and representing  54% countries. The college maintains a highly competitive admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 11.8% for the class of 2027.

Hamilton University Acceptance Rate For Class Of 2027

In anticipation of the class of 2027, Hamilton College received an overwhelming number of 9,643 applications. With a competitive acceptance rate of just 11.8%, the college meticulously evaluated each applicant’s qualifications and potential to create a diverse and talented student body.

Out of this vast pool of applicants, Hamilton selected and admitted an exceptional group of 1,135 students. Each admitted student brings their unique talents, perspectives, and aspirations to the campus, enhancing the vibrant and inclusive community that defines Hamilton College.

Hamilton College Demographics

The Class of 2027 at Hamilton College is a diverse and global community, representing a multitude of backgrounds and perspectives. Among the class, 15% are first-generation students, paving the way for their families and embodying the value of education as a means of upward mobility.

Hamilton’s commitment to accessibility is evident, with 55% of the incoming class receiving financial aid. This ensures that students from various socioeconomic backgrounds have the opportunity to pursue their academic passions without the burden of excessive financial strain.

Embracing a global outlook, Hamilton College is proud to welcome 8.4% international students from 25 different countries. These students bring with them unique cultural perspectives, enriching the academic discourse and fostering a rich exchange of ideas and experiences.

Furthermore, Hamilton College continues to prioritize diversity within the U.S. student population, with 29% of students identifying as students of color. This commitment to representation and inclusivity creates a vibrant community where students can engage in dialogues that challenge perspectives, foster understanding, and promote growth.

The Class of 2027 joins an already diverse student body at Hamilton College, which includes students from 54 countries and 75 states, including Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico. This inclusive environment encourages cross-cultural interactions and the formation of lifelong connections that extend beyond the campus walls.

What are Hamilton College’s SAT, ACT, And GPA Requirement

At Hamilton College, academic excellence is highly valued, and the average unweighted GPA for admitted students stands at an impressive 3.87 on the 4.0 scale. To achieve this average GPA, prospective students should strive to earn A- letter grades consistently in high school. This serves as a benchmark for the level of dedication and academic achievement that is expected at Hamilton College.

In addition to considering GPA, Hamilton College also takes into account standardized test scores as part of the admissions process. The middle 50% SAT score range for admitted students falls between 1430 and 1510, while the ACT score range falls between 32 and 35. These ranges demonstrate the competitive nature of the admission process and highlight the caliber of students that Hamilton College seeks to attract.

Prospective students should view these GPA and test score ranges as goals to strive for, but it is equally important to focus on personal development, pursuing interests, and showcasing unique qualities that make each applicant stand out. At Hamilton College, the emphasis is on cultivating a well-rounded community of individuals who not only excel academically but also contribute meaningfully to the campus community through their diverse talents and passions.

How To Get Into Hamilton College

  • Give your academics top priority.
  • Engage in a Hamilton College interview to enhance your application.
  • Explore the option of applying through Early Decision.
  • Dedicate ample time and effort to crafting a compelling college application essay.

To gain more insight about Hamilton College, you can visit the official website.

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