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Studio Quantum is a global initiative and artist-in-residence program presented by the Goethe-Institut, focusing on the intersection of art and emerging quantum technologies. The project aims to delve into the cultural, ethical, and environmental implications of quantum technologies. It encompasses three main components: residencies, events, and a project showcase.

Goethe-Institut Studio Quantum Programme 2024
Goethe-Institut Studio Quantum Programme 2024

Through its program and associated event series, Studio Quantum will investigate the influence of quantum computing on sustainability and climate change, the correlation between quantum technologies and artificial intelligence, and the realms of data security and encryption.

Program Details

The Studio Quantum residency program for 2024 is seeking artists from specific project locations including Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Nigeria, India (States of Karnataka and Kerala), and South Africa. One artist will be chosen to represent each location. During the residency, selected artists will have the opportunity to travel to a different location and integrate quantum technologies into their artistic works, or create art using quantum technologies accessed via the cloud. They will also be encouraged to explore new artistic production techniques made possible by quantum technologies.

Participating artists will be connected with local experts in cultural and technology sectors, as well as a global network through an eight-week tutorial. All artists-in-residence will be invited to take part in public events at each location and present their work or findings at a project showcase in Germany in 2024.


  • Each Studio Quantum artist-in-residence will receive a production budget of up to 3000 EUR, as well as coverage for travel costs, accommodation, and an honorarium.
  • Travel costs, including luggage, transfers, and local transport, will be reimbursed based on the distance travelled, with the final amount depending on the specific distance.

 Eligibility Criteria

  • Artists applying for the Studio Quantum artist-in-residence program must:
  • Have a demonstrated interest in technology and innovation through previous work.
  • Have an established practice.
  • Be motivated to collaborate with experts and partners in the cultural, educational, and tech sectors.
  • Have a curiosity to gain knowledge about or enhance their understanding of quantum technologies.
  • Contribute to a new global network of experts, cultural partners, scientists, and artists by sharing their findings/work in a professional setting.
  • Participate in one event (format to be confirmed – interview, presentation, discussion, etc.) as part of their residency.
  • The selected artists should be willing to participate in or contribute to a project showcase in Germany in November 2024.
  • Artists involved in the autumn 2024 residencies may have the option to participate and present initial findings remotely.
  • Be proficient in English (C1+).

Evaluation Criteria

The jury will be revealed in early 2024. Submissions will be evaluated by a panel of international experts based on the following criteria:

  • Does the candidate fulfil all the necessary criteria? 20%

Is the artist experienced in their field? (4)

  • Is the artist skilled in English (B2/C1)? (4)
  • Is the artist able to participate during the specified periods? (4)
  • Has the artist exhibited previous work related to technology? (As a subject matter or medium) (4)
  • Does the proposal correspond with the project themes? (4)
  • The proposal is 60%
  • Does the proposal feature a cross-disciplinary and creative method? (20)
  • Does the proposal outline how the artistic work can be enhanced through or related to quantum technologies? (20)
  • Has the candidate shown how their work or practice would gain from the residency? (20)
  • Budget 20%
  • Is the budget appropriate considering the proposal and the two-month duration? (20)

Application Procedure

The Studio Quantum application requires the preparation of the following documents and materials:

  • A brief proposal detailing the focus of the residency period and your anticipated goals for research, development, or creation.
  • Please specify the theme that best fits your proposal:
  • Quantum technologies, sustainability, and climate change.
  • Quantum technologies and artificial intelligence.
  • Quantum technologies, cybersecurity, and data encryption.
  • Wildcard
  • Preferred residency locations in order of preference (e.g., 1. Lagos, 2. Karlsruhe, 3. Dublin).
  • Proposed production budget of up to 3000 EUR for the residency period relating to the outlined project and covering any required materials.
  • An updated C.V. including links to websites and previous work.

Please combine the following documents into one continuous PDF document, with a maximum of 4 pages in total:

  • Artist CV and bio (maximum 2 pages)
  • Artist proposal and budget (maximum 2 pages)
  • You will also need to create a profile on gap-online.goethe.de.

To be a part of the Goethe-Institut Studio Quantum Programme, click on the Apply Now button to have access to the online application form.

Should you have any questions or more information, visit the official website of the Goethe-Institut Studio Quantum Programme.

Application Deadline

February 11, 2024.



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