Chatham House Senior Research Fellow – Innovation and Sustainability 2024 (Up to £65,000 Salary)

Chatham House Senior Research Fellow application is out. The Senior Research Fellow (SRF) will be responsible for managing complex research projects, creating innovative and original research methods, as well as publishing research papers and other written materials.

Chatham House Senior Research Fellow
Chatham House Senior Research Fellow

The Cyber Policy Portfolio (CPP) is a small team within the International Security Programme that focuses on analyzing cyber policy issues at the nexus of security and technology. Their objective is to offer comprehensive insights into the risks, opportunities, and potential pathways related to digital technology security.

Current research areas include the geopolitics of cyberspace, international cyber capacity development, gender-inclusive approaches to cyber policy, and emerging cyber threat landscapes. The CPP’s activities involve producing in-depth policy research, organizing cyber simulation exercises and training sessions, and hosting high-level meetings including Track 1.5 and 2 engagements with key partners.

Program Details

Collaborating with the CPP and reporting to the ISP’s Deputy Director, the preferred candidate should possess a strong research background in cyber policy and contribute to the expansion of our research initiatives.

The Senior Research Fellow (SRF) will be responsible for undertaking intricate research endeavors, devising original and imaginative research approaches, publishing research papers and other materials, aiding in producing the Journal of Cyber Policy, engaging in fundraising efforts, nurturing partnerships and funding relationships, and working alongside a dynamic team of researchers.

The SRF will also participate in additional projects as needed, including collaborating with other research programs within Chatham House.

  • Contract: Full-time, Permanent.

Location: Hybrid (Combination of office and home), with a minimum requirement of 2 days working in the office per week.

Main Duties and Responsibilities


  • Create, plan, and execute research initiatives covering a wide range of pertinent topics, contributing to the program’s and institute’s overall strategy.
  • Enhance the visibility and reputation of projects, programs, and Chatham House by establishing strong connections with policymakers, policy experts, and the media, while expanding engagement with diverse partners and experts to bolster our funding network.
  • Explore and pursue opportunities for effective and innovative communication and dissemination of project findings through seminars, workshops, publications, and various online platforms.
  • Gain appropriate publicity and exposure for activities and research through the Institute’s media channels.
  • Develop funding leads and partnerships, and generate momentum around program projects.
  • Generate impact by supporting Chatham House’s role as a convener, including organizing research events, conferences, and roundtables and taking the lead on relevant events.
  • Uphold and enhance the international standing of Chatham House and the Journal of Cyber Policy.


  • Coordinate the creation of high-quality policy research materials, such as reports, research papers, opinion pieces, expert analyses, and audio-visual content on cyber policy issues, while upholding and enhancing existing high standards.
  • Implement and shape inventive research approaches to produce groundbreaking policy research with real-world impact.
  • Effectively strategize and execute complex projects by: defining objectives, goals, deliverables, and target audiences; evaluating resource and personnel requirements and identifying appropriate experts/team members; establishing and adhering to deadlines; overseeing accurate budget management for research, events, and publications.
  • Supervise field research, as appropriate, ensuring thorough planning and arrangements, as well as maintaining the safety and proper conduct of field teams. Additionally, conduct necessary risk assessments for field research when required.
  • fulfill project reporting obligations and uphold strong relationships with funders.
  • Lead and present at internal and external events in the UK and globally.
  • Play a leading role in the Editorial Team of the Journal of Cyber Policy, working in partnership with the editor and assistant editors to:
  • Solicit and promote high-quality submissions with diverse international authorship
  • Oversee the performance of Assistant Editors and ensure timely delivery of content
  • Make editorial judgments on acceptance, revision, or rejection based on peer reviewers’ reports
  • Create and address concepts for special or themed issues

Develop ideas for supplementary activities to boost the exposure of the Journal’s content, such as organizing international conferences and themed workshops


  • Collaborate with team members to assess funding requirements, and identify and obtain suitable research funding.
  • Assist program leaders in enhancing ISP’s financial stability.
  • Encourage and facilitate teamwork across different teams and foster positive relationships.
  • Sustain and expand the program’s external support network, including Associate Fellows, Visiting Fellows, and Consulting Fellows.
  • Form and nurture connections and partnerships with important individuals and institutions.
  • Collaborate closely with the Communications Department.


  • A Salary of £60,000 per annum
  • Approximately 37 days of annual leave (inclusive of public holidays and Chatham House closure days), an improved pension scheme, employee assistance program, life assurance, and other benefits tailored to accommodate your lifestyle. All within a professional, captivating, and intellectually stimulating environment.

Eligibility criteria

  • Specialization and background in cyber policy matters and subjects related to the confluence of technology. International security, and politics across academic, corporate, or public policy settings.
  • Proven proficiency in research skills with practical applications in policy; established as a researcher with experience in field research, adept use of research methodologies, desk research, and data analysis.
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out and oversee research studies, including supervising research communication activities and presenting research findings in innovative ways.
  • Exceptional writing skills for creating high-quality thought pieces and policy recommendations tailored to diverse audiences.
  • Successful history of fundraising for research activities, involving engagement with potential donors and maintaining strong relationships with funders.
  • Having experience in overseeing, editing, or organizing peer-reviewed content for journals or similar publications is highly preferred.
  • Previous leadership experience, such as supervising individuals and small teams, as well as assisting junior staff, is also highly valued.
  • Ability to make well-informed decisions under pressure, quickly identifying key issues and selecting the most appropriate courses of action.
  • Excellent communication abilities, with the capacity to effectively convey information and compelling arguments.
  • Robust interpersonal capabilities, serving as a significant influencer and skilled in cultivating and overseeing relationships both internally and externally.
  • Strategic problem-solving proficiency, comprehending how the research agenda aligns with broader organizational strategy and societal frameworks.
  • Ability to effectively prioritize tasks, meet targets, and demonstrate excellent decision-making and judgment in project delivery.
  • Ability to tackle complex subjects and transform them into impactful content.
  • Team-oriented approach, committed to enhancing the skills of colleagues and actively contributing to innovation within the broader team.

 Application Process

  • You will receive an update on your application status within 4 weeks of the application deadline. Please be aware that they can provide visa sponsorship for this position.
  • The job description will not be accessible after the closing date, so please keep a copy for your records.
  • If you meet the requirements for this job please click here to commence your application.

Visit the official website of Chatham House Senior Research Fellow – Innovation and Sustainability.     

Application Deadline

February 2, 2024.



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