Get This Gevi Espresso Machine for Just $123 Today

Get this Gevi espresso machine for just $123 today. This very espresso machine in question has stopped me from going to the coffee shops and it can also do that for you if only you buy it today as it is even cheaper this Prime Day.

Gevi Espresso Machine

Gevi Espresso Machine

I’m a coffee snob and I will admit it. I previously used to prefer $7 lattes from a coffee shop over anything that I eventually tried making at home. But the coffee shop that is nearest to my house is mediocre, so with that, I was driving between 20 and 40 minutes one way every day just to get my caramel latte fix. Everything eventually changed when I purchased the Gevi espresso machine, which is at the moment on sale for just $123 (save $77) during Prime Day.

Why You Should Not Miss Out On This Deal

I never really in a million years thought that I could rival the lattes from my favorite coffee shop until I eventually did. The Gevi as you should know is super easy to make use of once you finally get the hang of it and it also takes no time to craft your favorite drink. If it is that you are an avid latte drinker, then I recommend finding a homemade recipe for whatever sauce it is that you like, for example, whether it is caramel or vanilla.

I always add the caramel first, and then brew the espresso over it so it gets to blend well. Then I proceed to pour the steamed milk through the center (you will be needing a milk frothing pitcher). It tastes just exactly the same as when the coffee shop makes it and I just make mine less sweet.

Features and Benefits of the Gevi Espresso Machine

Now, instead of spending $35 every week on fancy coffee drinks, I just purchase a bag of ground espresso beans for only $20 every couple of weeks. I really do recommend purchasing a canister in order to keep your coffee grounds fresh as you can easily get one this Prime Day for great discounts. Also, if it is that you don’t have any espresso cups laying around, there are lots of excellent options this Prime Day.

Life Span of the Gevi Espresso Machine

I have just had the Gevi espresso machine for a little over a month so I really can’t speak to its lifespan just yet, but I am really impressed with it so far.



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