Get Google’s Pixel Tablet for Just $409 this Prime Day

Get Google’s Pixel Tablet for just $409 this Prime Day, but you however need to be quick to put in your order. This Pixel Tablet in question is the best tablet that has been made by Google ever and you can now save $90 0n one at the moment too.

Get Google’s Pixel Tablet for Just $409

Get Google’s Pixel Tablet for Just $409

Getting your hands on a new Google Pixel Tablet just got a whole lot cheaper all thanks to the ongoing Amazon October Prime Day deals, sales, and festivities. There are tons of deals to be accessed and had across all kinds of categories you can think of, but there is however only one place to begin if it is that you are in the market for a new Android Tablet. And right now the Pixel Tablet can be yours for only $409 with the Charging Speaker Dock thrown in for a really good measure.

That in question simply means that you can now get your hands on Google’s best-ever tablet and then get to save $90 in the process, all without having to work for it. That means that you really do not need to clip a coupon or even enter a code, but you however do need to be an Amazon Prime member. The good news here is that there is a free Amazon Prime trial to be had if it is that you are not already a member.

Specs and Features of Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel Tablet as you should know is the first to make use of Google’s very own Tensor G2 chip, thus making it quite fast and smooth when opening apps, playing games, and even streaming content such as movies and TV shows. The device in question is also efficient on the battery as well, so you will go longer between charges.

When it come for the time to charge you can just place the Pixel Tablet on the included Charging Speaker Dock that it comes with and it will start charging without any messy wires automatically. While it is still there, it can act as a smart home hub and it is also great for watching content in the kitchen, viewing recipes, and many more, all thanks to that big 11-inch display.

When Will the Deal Expire?

You should however keep in mind that Amazon’s October Prime Days are coming to an end, so this deal in question probably isn’t long for this world. That said, you should get your order in soon if it is that you want to add one of these to your setup.



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