Get This 8-in-1 Power Strip Travel Essential for Just $10 Today

Get this 8-in-1 power strip travel essential for just $10 today, as this is a must-buy for everyone. The truth is hotel rooms at most times don’t seem to have plugs where we really want them to be, but this very power strip in question helps to fix that for just $10.

8-In-1 Power Strip Travel Essential

8-In-1 Power Strip Travel Essential

If it is that you have ever walked into a hotel room and then found out that your charger will not quite reach from the wall to where you need it, then know that you are not alone. But this very power strip in question helps to fix all of that and right at this moment, you can get your hands on one for just $10 if only you are quick about it.

That price as you should know is extremely low, all thanks to the huge 62% discount. You would normally and usually have to pay as much as $26 for this very particular power strip, and you really do not need to jump through any type of hoop in order to get this deal either. No on-screen coupons, no discount codes, and lastly, no fuss.

Specs and Features of the Power Strip

This power strip in question can easily be used at home or in the office just fine, but you should know that it is when traveling that it really comes into its own. The thin, flat cord simply means that it will not get caught under doors in the event it is needed and the long 5-foot cable on the other hand ensures that you will be able to charge with plenty of cable to spare. Even the plug on its end is super thin just to make sure that you can squeeze it in should the needed space be restricted behind furniture.

You will however be able to power a couple of devices at once since this very power strip turns a single AC outlet into four. There is more, too, all thanks to the three USB-A ports as well as a single USB-C port for charging up phones, tablets, and lastly, whatever else that you are lugging around.

When Will the Deal Expire

The product page of Amazon does not say anything in regards to when this deal in question will end, so you should keep that in mind when you are planning your order. You should also note that the deal is just available on the white version, though we are really not sure that it really matters as to what color your power strip is anyway. If it is that you need a longer cord, 10- and 15-foot versions are also available, though not with quite as big a discount as this one.



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