How Electrostatic Speakers Will Make EVs Sound Better

How electrostatic speakers will make EVs sound better and also make them more green. New reports and study shows how you could improve the ecological integrity of your EV and also improving the sound and music quality.

Electrostatic Speakers Will Make EVs Sound Better

Electrostatic Speakers Will Make EVs Sound Better

The truth is the EV market at the moment is booming and there is no denying the fat. With that, it is only right that high-end audio specialists want a piece of all the action, thus squirreling their drivers as well as their high-tech processing inside your next EV for comprehensive and maximum return.

Warwick Acoustics has listed two far more altruistic reasons for bringing its very own electrostatic speaker prowess to “a number of notable car manufacturers” which are the elimination of Rare Earth Elements from vehicles (REEs) and then cutting down on the toxic waste that are generated in the mine-to-magnet process seriously.

What Are The UK Audio Specialist’s Zero-REE Electro Acoustic Panels And Why You Should Want Them In Your Next EV?

One question to ask here is what are the UK audio specialist’s zero-REE Electro Acoustic panels and why you should want them in your next EV. The key to comprehending all of this is the term ‘Rare Earth Elements’, for instance. neodymium (utilized in magnets that are found in traditional dynamic hi-fi drivers within the best stereo speakers) as well as dysprosium. And right now, manufacturers want to remove sources of REE from their vehicles due to the toxic waste that is generated in the mine-to-magnet process as well as supply chain stability.

The permanent magnets that are available in electric vehicle motors themselves are a chief target as well, with each motor in question containing roughly 500g of REEs. However, as much as 30% of the entire REE content found in a premium EV is actually in the audio system. And this here is where the unique Warwick Acoustics’, magnet-free ElectroAcoustic panels come in, simply because they contain zero REE and are that they are made from 100% by mass upcycled and recyclable materials.

What Warwick Acoustics CEO Has To Say About the Development

Warwick Acoustics CEO, Mike Grant, says: “The extraction and processing of REE is unfortunately a process which generates a huge volume of waste per gram refined REE – some sources suggest the amount of waste is 2,000 times the amount of refined product”.

So, for premium in-car audio that is rare earth element free, the unique ‘Clean Sound’ of Warwick Acoustics’ looks very much like a commendable automotive solution to the issue of offering good audio in an EV while in the process also being eco-friendly.



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