Best Wire Stripper – Top 7 Wire Strippers Tools To Buy in 2022

As an electrician or not, you need the best wire stripper. A good and reliable cable stripping tool can save time and effort, especially if you are wiring an entire house.

Best Wire Stripper

A wire stripper is a handheld tool used by workers, mostly electricians for removing the insulation from electric wires. These tools are the fastest items to remove the jacket and lining from a cable.

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Best Wire Stripper

Choosing the best wire stripper can be frustrating due to varieties of them in the market. Several wire strippers have additional functions, such as cutting and crimping wire.

However, to make everything easier for you, we help you choose the best tool for your purpose and also offer a guide on how to shop for the best wire stripper. Keep scrolling down for more useful info.

Top 7 Wire Strippers Tools To Buy in 2022

Klein Tools VDV226-110 Ratcheting Wire Stripper


  • It is built to last long
  • This device survives in the roughest of toolboxes
  • Pass-Thru technology moves the cable through the device precisely, saving precious time.
  • The attached wiring diagram helps to eliminate mistakes, reworking, and wasted materials.

If you are looking for the best wire Stripper, Klein tools are one of the best to go for. It is perfect for use with Ethernet cables, this handy tool is ideal for quickly and easy cutting, crimping, and stripping a variety of cables, ready to connect them as needed.

In addition, this stripper is perfect for installing cat3, cat5, and cat6 cables. The ratchet functions are sure to save you a good deal of time.

Note, that the wire stripper is not suitable for stripping several common smaller wire gauges.


IRWIN Vise-Grip Wire Stripping Tool  


  • It supports American Wire Gauge size 10 to 22.
  • Soft-grip handles make this wire stripper easy to work with
  • Plier-type nose enables you to pull and loop wire with your stripping tool.
  • Induction hardened cutting edges give you crisp, clean cuts every time.

If you are looking for the best wire stripping for cutting edges, the Irwin vice-grip wire stripping tool is the right option. This handy tool features induction hardened cutting edges for precision work.

In addition, the hand tool features a straightforward design that is simple and functions perfectly. It is also a manual plier-style stripping device that is easy to use and built to last long.


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Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Wire Stripper


  • Available in two different colour designs, both of which are highly visible.
  • A handy spring holds open the jaws so that they’re always ready for their next task.
  • The nose is serrated to provide better gripping while you work.
  • The markings are super easy to read.
  • The handle is specifically designed to reduce hand fatigue.

If you are looking for unbeatable versatility and compact wire stripping, Klein tool 11055 is the right option to choose. It is made with high-quality materials for high-grade performance.

It is also durable to make all your tasks considerably easier and more precise. Additionally, it is available in two different colour designs, both of which are highly visible.




  • Allow you to adjust the stopper and control the length of the exposed wire core strip.
  • It can handle smaller AWG wires.
  • Easier to make the tiniest of adjustments with the help of a swivel knob.
  • It reduces the number of tools you need to carry with the ability to crimp and cut.

If you are searching for the perfect small gauge cable stands, this one is the right idea to go for. It can handle the most intricate electrical work. Additionally, it features an adjustable stopper for maximum precision and control.

However, this is a valuable multitool for any handyman’s toolkit. The tool has several features with a great AWG range. It also reduces the number of tools you need to carry through the ability to crimp and cut as well as a strip.


Hurricane 6-in-1 Wire Stripper Tool


  • Wire cutter with heat-treated cutting blades edge stays sharp longer.
  • Two blades of this tool line up perfectly, and holes always articulate properly
  • The handle is made of TPR material, easy hand feeling

Looking for all one tool, this is the right option to go for. This Hurricane 6-in-1 plier features a wire stripper, wire cutter, reamer, bolt cutter, and crimper.

In addition, you can use I for stripping, cutting of copper wire, aluminium wire, sheathed core wire, cable, and insulated terminal electrical crimping.


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knoweasy Automatic Wire Stripper and Cutter


  • Easy to use and function of 2 in 1 multi-stripping and cutting.
  • Durability stripping and made of strips and glass fibre nylon
  • It is a lightweight and self-adjusting mechanism
  • Ergonomic handle

Looking for two-in-one wire stripping, this is the right one to go for. It is made of steel strips and glass fibre nylon, compact, lightweight, and durable.

In addition, the automictic stripping pliers are adjusted according to the volume of cable wire stripping diameter.


Yangoutool Automatic Wire Stripping Tool 


  • During stripping, the wire is held firm by clamping jaws.
  • Precise blade design without damaging the conductor cores.
  • Made of steel strips and glass fibre nylon, compact, lightweight, and durable.
  • A self-adjusting mechanism according to wire size, provides excellent wire stripping.

If you are searching for reliable and durable wire stripping, you can go for the Yangoutool. It allows the user to comfortably hold while having a secure grip to reduce hand fatigue while working.

In addition, it is easily performed multiple wiring and cable applications with precisely machined teeth.


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Features To Look Out For In Wire Strippers

There are some things to consider when shopping for the best wire strippers. Here are some of them so far:


The material of the wire stripper is worth thinking about. If you need a new wire stripper to stay sharp for a good long whole, so it is best to buy some that are made from stainless steel, ideally with hardened cutting edges.

However, go for new wire strippers that are durable. it is best also to consider the opinions of others who have owned the product before buying.


The grip is worth considering because using an uncomfortable handle of a wire stripper can be frustrating. So, it is best you go for a texture that is pleasant and safe to grip securely.

AWG Range

American Wire Gauge (AWG) means the thickness of the wires that can be cut, stripped, or crimped by your device. Naturally, you will want as an AWG ranges as possible to be supported by your new wire strippers.

In addition, use a wire stripper that can accommodate 10 to 12 AWG, but you can also consider the type of wire that you will be working with.

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Easy to use

Ease to use is another important factor to consider. Though wire strippers may be easier and more pleasant to use than others, it is good you choose wisely due to different brands and designs.

However, one of the great influences on ease of use is an automatic wire stripper. If you are working with various wires, then an automatic device is highly recommended.

Types of Wire Strippers

This is another guide to check out. There are three primary types of the best wire strippers, they include adjustable wire stripper, gauged stripper, and automatic wire stripper.

  • An adjustable wire stripper is made of the jaw with a blade set to the appropriate wire gauge.
  • A gauged stripper wire comes with multiple notches for different wire gauges
  • While the automatic wire stripper is the best of both worlds, as it lets you strip different wire gauges with just a single notch.

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How Do You Strip Electrical Wire?

To stripe electrical wire is very easy, you just have to find its appropriate gauge and place it into the corresponding slot in the stripper.

However, you can check out the wire label to find its proper gauge. But if you are using an automatic wire stripper, then you can strip this step altogether.

Once you see the right gauge to use, put the wire into the jaws of the stripper. Close the wire strippers and let them cut through the wire insulation.

How Much Wire Should Strip?

The amount of wire you strips depend on the application you are going to do. A half-inch to three-quarter strip is typically more than enough if it’s for connecting a wire to a receptacle or a switch.

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Where to Buy Wire Strippers?

Wire strippers can be bought in your neighbourhood hardware store. Additionally, you can as well get them online if you can’t go out. Just visit Amazon or Walmart to shop for the best Wire strippers.

Can we use Wire Strippers to Remove outer Insulation Off of Flat Wires?

You can use wire strippers to remove outer insulation off of flat wires. Plus, you can as well use it to strip flat wire such as Romex cables.

Can Wire Strippers be used to Crimp?

There are strippers that function 2 in one while others just have one function. So, depending on the wire stripper too you have, if it has a crimping tool built-in, then it is completely possible to use it for crimping.



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