The New Animations of Windows 11 Are Proving Their Worth

The new animations of Windows 11 are proving their worth as the settings panel is now getting a fresh spin on icons although it’s still very much in testing.

The New Animations of Windows 11 Are Proving Their Worth

The New Animations of Windows 11 Are Proving Their Worth

The settings panel of Windows 11 has been decorated with fresh animations in a new preview build of the OS.

A Microsoft MVP of the name Rafael Rivera pointed out on Twitter via XDA Developers that the animation navigation icons in build 25188 of windows 11 are experimental. And as spotted in his tweet, the animations are of simple touches. That being said, this means that when you hover over the icon for Time and language, for instance, the globe starts to spin around as do the hands of the little clock.

And if you are in the development channel and have the latest preview build but you however do not see the animations in settings, this is simply because Microsoft at the moment is only testing them with a limited number of windows insiders to start with.

Microsoft Is Now Working On Curing a Bug on the Taskbar

In other news in regards to windows 11, we also are hearing from Windows Latest that Microsoft is now working on curing a bug with the taskbar which can cause a delay of a couple of seconds in regards to the icons appearing on the bar or even longer periods in most cases.

And while that can be really annoying, many reports now claim that Microsoft is aware of this very problem and is at the moment working on fixing it. And what’s more, the solution will be coming in with a host of other improvements in overall responsiveness such as when users are pining apps to the taskbar. That being said, it will be a very useful improvement on the platform although problems such as this one shouldn’t have been present on the platform in the first place.


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