Best Balance Bikes – 7 Top Picks on Balance Bikes

Choosing the best balance bike for your little one’s size, age, and ability can be easy if you know what to look for and what to for and what to expect before making a purchase.

Best Balance Bikes


In this blog post, you will see the guide on how you can buy the right balance bikes for your kids, and some of our tops picks from Amazon.

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Best Balance Bikes

The weather you are looking for the ultimate starter bike for your toddler or a super balance glider for your 3-year-old, we got you covered. There are standard and balance bikes suitable for your child.

The best balance bike can help toddlers find their confidence when balancing on two wheels, even before tricycles or training wheels are introduced. These bikes are well-solid constructed and have sturdy wheels.

However, it can be challenging when choosing the right balance bike for your kids due to the fast growth and variety in their physical abilities. In addition, a variety of balance bikes are available in the market, so it is essential to get the size of the bike.

7 Top Picks on Balance Bikes

Here are the top best balance bikes. Our top pick is the strider’s balance bike. It is one of the best because it allows kids as young as 18 months to discover the freedom of riding a bicycle from a long-trusted brand.

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Best Strider Balance Bike – Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike


Adjustable seat

  • Handlebars to grow with your child
  • Durable steel frame
  • Puncture-proof tires
  • 18 months to 5 years

The Strider Balance bike is one of the best bikes that lets kids as young as months to discover the freedom of riding a bicycle from a long-trusted brand. The bike is adjustable with handlebars to grow with your child.

In addition, the strider balance bike is made to stand up to abuse and grow with children over the years. It is also had a durable steel frame and puncture-proof tires.


Best Balance Bike for 2-Year-old 


  • Lightweight
  • Easy-steer handlebar for maximum control
  • Tool-free adjustable seat

If you are search for a balance bike for 2 years, then the Schwinn balance bike is what you should go for. The bike is lightweight and best for beginners.

In addition, the bike features an easy toot-to-floor frame to help young riders learns, and 12-inch air-filled tires for a smooth, and confident ride.

However, Tool-free adjustable seat post makes it easy to find a comfortable fit and includes a limited lifetime for as long as you own the bike

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Best for 1-year-old – YGJT Baby Balance Bikes


  • Easy to set up
  • Wide wheels help keep the bike upright
  • Minimal assembly
  • Airless tires never go flat
  • Adjustable seat and handlebars

If you are looking for the best balance bike for a 1-year-old, then you should go for the YGJT baby balance bike. The bike is a quick and easy confidence booster for your kids.

in addition, there is a supportive soft seat designed for your kids. Feature sturdy and durable steel frame structure and high-quality material handlebar.


Best for Balance Bike for Beginners – Chillafish Bunzi 2-in-1


  • No tools needed to switch to two-wheel mode
  • Anti-skid rubber tires
  • In-seat storage for a snack or toy
  • Lightweight

This lightweight balance bike is best for beginners. It teaches children to balance at their own pace, and they can upgrade from three wheels to two wheels whenever they are ready.

In addition, it is made from high-quality ABS material to play longer. This Chillafish product can be ridden anywhere, indoor and outdoor.

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 Best Balance Bike for 4-year-old – Croco


  • Lightweight
  • Great seat range
  • Quick-release adjustments
  • No-slip grip foot rest

The Croco balance bike is best for 4-year-olds and it is easy to assemble with no tools required. It comes with quick-release adjustments on the rubber-grip handlebar and padded seat. With a bell to alert others of where you are.

However, this bike has stiffer turning than the competition. We think the stiffer turns could be helpful for nervous little ones to prevent unexpected twists or sharp turns that could lead to a tumble. It comes with great features you want in a quality bike.


Best Woom Balance – Radio Flyer Air Ride Bike

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Age range 18 months to 5 years

The Air Ride Balance Bike is a pedal-free beginner bike that allows toddlers to focus on balance. As they learn to walk, glide, and run, this balance bike will help them develop coordination.

The ringing bell also adds to the fun. In addition, The tool-free adjustable seat grows with your toddler from ages 1.5 – 5.


Best Balance Bike with Pedals – Nasitip


  • Good quality
  • Tools included
  • Super Lightweight

If you need the best balance bike with pedals, then go for the Nasitip product. They offer one of the best quality balance bikes for pedals. The Nasitip sport balance bike is a cool set of wheels perfect for younger riders.

It has good-looking weld points and a near-perfect paint job indicating great attention to detail and better quality than some higher-priced competition.

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What to Consider Before Buying a Balance Bike for Your Child

When shopping for the best balance bikes for your kids, it is good you consider some factors. One of the importance we look at is the size of the balance bike. It is important to consider the size since a bike is too large or small will offer your child a chance to learn.

There are different sizes we consider, they include the size of the tires and the height of the seat, wheel sizes, and seat height.

Other features to consider include Value, Ease to use, Quality material and the speed and distance it can go, and Ease of setup.


Is A WOOM Balance Bike Worth It?

The WOOM1 is an excellent balance bike. It’s built to get kids on wheels from a very early age and is our number one recommendation for balance bikes.

Is 4 Too Old For Balance Bike?

A balance bike is a great way to teach kids who are 4 to 6 years old to learn to ride a bike. Whether your child has yet to learn how to ride a bike, balance bikes can help.

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Should Toddler Wear Helmet On Balance Bike?

YES. A Balance bike helmet is not only critical for keeping them safe, it is also required by law in many states.

Can A 2-Year-Old Ride A Pedal Bike?

No training wheels are required Children can start riding pedal bikes from age two and up. Pedal bikes are heavier than balance bikes, making them more difficult for youngsters to handle.



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