Total War and Alien Isolation Dev is Teasing a Third-person Action Game

Total War and Alien Isolation Dev is Teasing a Third-person Action Game which is great news. The creative assembly, the studio that created the Total War Strategy series and the survival Horror game Alien Isolation, is now working together to create something new for gamers.

Total War and Alien Isolation Dev is Teasing a Third-person Action Game

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Total War and Alien Isolation Dev is Teasing a Third-person Action Game

Following the release of Total War: Warhammer 3 earlier in the year, the studio confirmed in a blog post that it would be developing an “Action project that would establish a new franchise”. The post suggests the as-yet-unnamed game would be played in third-person and built in Unreal Engine 5.

The Creative Assembly was quite eager to temper expectations, saying that it would be “a significant wait before more details get revealed”. While the game is being worked on by Total War Saga: Troy maker CA Sofia, the studio’s work on future Total war releases would not stop as a separate internal team grabs this new title.

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Expecting More Action

Although Creative Assembly is best Known for its acclaimed run of Total War Strategy games, it is no stranger to action. The first game that it launched in the late ‘80s was platformer-shooters, and it has gone on to release a fair share of action-oriented titles since.

It launched the Spin-off Spartan: Total Warrior in 2005, a hack and slash God of war clone that would cast you as a spartan soldier. And you are given the task to defend your homeland from a roman invasion while calling on the powers of the Ancient Greek Gods. It was followed by some Vikings: Battle for Asgard in the year 2008, it trod quite a similar formula but was created based on Norse mythology.

Its creative assembly turned more head back in the year 2014 with the release of Alien: Isolation. The survival horror game got more acclaim for its thick atmosphere and slick adaption of alien movies. Earlier in the year, the studio decided to reveal hyenas, which is a multiplayer sci-fi FPS that was set to launch in 2023. The game is pitched to be a fast-paced arena shooter that was built around zero-G battles.

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Final Thought

All this is not pointed at the Creative assembly renouncing its strategy roots by any means. The blog post suggests that the studio already has a future total war installment in line.

Now, Creative Assembly is looking to have a second unannounced game still in the works. The blog post talks about an upcoming action title “which would sit alongside Total War, Hyenas and the Studio’s other yet to be announced project”. At this rate, creative assembly fans would be spoilt for choice.

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