Get the Google Pixel 7 for Just $449 with This Exclusive Coupon Code

Get the Google Pixel 7 for just $449 with this exclusive coupon code. The Pixel 7 as you should know is still very much a solid and excellent phone, and with this very deal and offer, it is well worth considering over the just recently released Pixel 8 device.

Get the Google Pixel 7

Get the Google Pixel 7

Even though the latest lineup of Google Pixel phones sports the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, the latter in question faced some launch issues and the former is still very much quite expensive. If it is that you wish to save yourself a tad bit of cash and get a phone that is still solid and excellent, then know that the Pixel 7 is a good option. The device in question still offers relatively powerful performance as well as long battery life, so you really won’t feel a significant difference. Additionally, you get the most recent version of Android that has some really nice upgrades to it.

If you would like to get yourself a phone that still competes with some of the very best and neat phones currently on the market, a special CNET coupon can be utilized with Wellbots in a bid to get it cheaper. If you make use of the code CNETPIX25, then you can snag a 25% discount on the 128GB Pixel 7, which in question brings it down to $449 from $599. The code as you should know also works on the 256GB variant to help save you $175.

Specs and Features of the Google Pixel 7 Device

We really liked the Pixel 7 when we reviewed it about a year ago, noting that the device had an elegant design as well as a good camera for the price tag. That is still very much the case today, and with Android 14 it is even much better than ever. With a big 6.3-inch display and support for 5G, what more could you really need?

The Pixel 7 device comes with the Titan M2 security core of Google alongside the Tensor G2 package that makes sure for fast performance as well as a solid battery life. You will also get to benefit from all of that Google magic, and this is inclusive of 8x Super Res Zoom, Cinematic Blur, and many more.

When Will This Offer Expire?

There is however no set end date to this Pixel offer and deal, so if it is that you like what you see, then be sure to get it before the code expires or the supplies on the other hand run low. Or if it is that you would like something a tad bit different, then do well to check out these other great phone deals.



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