The Awesome Google Pixel 7 Is Just $440 Right Now

The awesome Google Pixel 7 is just $440 right now. You really don’t have to purchase the latest smartphones in order to get your hands on and get a great experience, and this much-discounted Pixel 7 device from Google proves it.

The Google Pixel 7 Is Just $440

The Google Pixel 7 Is Just $440

It can be very much easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you really have to acquire the latest and greatest phone in order to get a great handset. But the thing is that you really do not, especially in the case when you can get the excellent Pixel 7 for just $440. And just right now, for instance.

The Pixel 8 device as you should know might just be the latest model and the Pixel 8 Pro is also the best Google has to offer right at this moment, but the Pixel 7 in question is still very much a very wonderful way to make use of Android and all of your favorite apps. And right now, Woot is offering users one unlocked as well as with 128GB of storage with a deep $160 discount. And the device in question even comes in the best color, too.

Specs and Features

That color as mentioned above is of course Obsidian, but it frankly would not even matter what the color was at this very price. We really loved the Pixel 7 when we reviewed it 12 months ago, thus noting that it had an elegant design as well as a good camera for the price tag. That is still very much the case today, and with Android 14 in the mix it is even better than ever. With a big 6.3-inch display as well as 5G support, what more could you need?

The Pixel 8 device for those that don’t know comes with the Titan M2 security core of Google alongside the Tensor G2 package that makes sure for fast performance and solid battery life. You will also benefit from all of that Google magic which is inclusive of 8x Super Res Zoom, Cinematic Blur, and many more.

How Long Will This Deal Last?

However, somewhat of a warning. This very deal in question is not going to be here for a long time as Woot says that there is just a day left but the deal in question could come to a close sooner in the event that the outlet sells through the stock that it has left. And if that gets to happen, the deal in question is done and you will miss out. That said; ensure to keep that in mind if it is that you are considering making a buy today.



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