Buy 1, Give 1 with MasterClass’ 2-for-1 Membership Deal

Buy 1, give 1 with MasterClass’ 2-for-1 membership deal. With this deal from MasterClass, give yourself and that loved one of yours the gift of learning this very holiday season.

MasterClass’ 2-for-1 Membership Deal

MasterClass’ 2-for-1 Membership Deal

As the year draws close to a finish, many of us are taking stock of just how we spent the year 2023. Well, did you accomplish all of your goals? Did you stick to those resolutions you promised yourself? Well, maybe you did, or just maybe you didn’t but the most important thing is that we have made it. And there is also still just enough time to squeeze in a goal or two.

If it is that you have wanted to improve your skillset, then know that MasterClass is offering users two memberships just for the price of one. That simply means that if you sign up and pay for one membership at this moment, you will be able to gift yet another to a friend or family member all for free. The two-for-one deal will cost you $120 but will truly be worth it when you get to see just how much you can learn with MasterClass.

What to Get With MasterClass

With MasterClass, you will have direct and unrestricted access to learn from the best and even gain new skills to implement in the New Year and beyond. You can opt to learn to write better stories with Judy Blume or choose to make amazing YouTube videos with Marques Brownlee (aka MKBHD), or choose to pick up some business tips from Richard Branson and Coach K. There are several hundreds of lessons for the world’s best in areas such as arts, entertainment, writing, business, food, lifestyle, music, science and tech and so much more.

Other Similar Options to Consider

If this is not your cup of chai, then we have a host of many other options for you to select from. If it is that you have always wanted to become a certified IT professional, then this CompTIA Course Super Bundle is a good place to kick things off. Or if it is that you want to learn but your schedule in question does not allow for full courses, know that there is Headway, which in question brings you 15-minute summaries of popular books on almost every subject out there. And now, you truly have no reason at all to not learn something new in the coming year of 2024.



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