Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card for Your Post-Holiday Shopping Spree

Get a $100 Amazon gift card for your post-holiday shopping spree. The holiday season is upon us and it is one of those times where we get to do our shopping and at most times, go broke after it all. That said, there is so simpler or easier way to get the necessary funds added to your Amazon account.

Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Now that we are almost on the other side of the holiday season, you just might be eyeing some gifts for yourself. If it is that someone was really kind enough to give you an Amazon gift card this holiday season, then know that there is an easy way to add even more to your Amazon spending power and that is to apply for the Prime Visa card. If it is that you are approved, then you will get an instant $100 (or more) Amazon gift card.

Perks and Benefits of the Prime Visa Card

Most credit cards in question require you to spend a certain amount of money within a specified period of time to earn a welcome bonus, but the Prime Visa in question does not. And if you are approved, you will get the $100 gift card immediately to use toward your next Amazon order. The Prime Visa as you should know also tops CNET’s list of best credit cards for Amazon, so if you are one that shop there regularly, then know that this card helps you earn more back on your everyday shopping and spending.

The Prime Visa card as you should know offers shoppers and users 5% cash back on and Whole Foods, as well as 5% back on Chase Travel buys. Additionally to everything, cardholders on the other hand can earn 10% cash back or even more on select Amazon items.

What You Need To Apply For This Card

You will however need a Prime subscription in order to apply for this card which as you should know costs $139 yearly. If you don’t make use of Amazon regularly enough to warrant adding a yearly Prime subscription to your wallet, then know that there is another option which is the Amazon Visa*. The Amazon Visa in question comes with a $50 gift card upon approval, earns 3% back at Amazon and Whole Foods and it also does not require a Prime membership.



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