Fully Funded Bond University HDR Scholarship 2023-24 in Australia – APPLY NOW

Applications for Fully Funded Bond University HDR Scholarship 2023-24, are now open for ambitious students across the globe seeking a remarkable opportunity to pursue higher education in Australia, suitably qualified international students around the world are encouraged to apply. This prestigious scholarship offers fully funded support to pursue a Ph.D. degree at Bond University, Australia’s first private university located in Queensland.

Fully Funded Bond University HDR Scholarship 2023-24 in Australia
Fully Funded Bond University HDR Scholarship 2023-24 in Australia

Bond University stands as a pinnacle of educational excellence, renowned for providing a vibrant student experience and fostering academic brilliance. The university’s distinct identity as Australia’s number one university for student experience makes it an enticing destination for those aiming to explore and excel in their academic journey.

Benefits of the HDR Scholarship

The Bond University HDR Scholarship is not just a financial assistance program; it’s a pathway to your dreams. As a recipient of this scholarship, you will receive a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Full Tuition fee waiver for up to 48 months
  • Generous living stipends to ensure a comfortable academic journey
  • RTP allowances tailored for overseas students
  • Standard Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Relocation costs support facilitate your transition
  • Assistance with academic publication costs

Available Fields of Study

Bond University recognizes the diversity of academic interests among students. It offers HDR scholarships across a range of disciplines, fostering excellence in various domains. The following fields of study are available for scholarship applicants:

  • Bond Business School
  • Health Sciences
  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Society and Design

History of Bond University

Established in 1987 through a joint venture involving prominent figures like Mr. Alan Bond and Mr. Harunori Takahashi, Bond University has a rich history rooted in visionary leadership and dedication. The university’s inception was marked by the transformation of a pine plantation into a thriving institution of higher learning. From humble beginnings, Bond University has grown to become a symbol of academic innovation and progress.

Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring candidates interested in the Bond University HDR Scholarship must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  • Hold a valid Letter of Offer for enrollment in an HDR program from Bond University
  • Satisfy scholarship requirements, visa regulations, and English language prerequisites

How to Apply?

The application process is conducted in two rounds:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible to apply for the Bond University HDR Scholarship?

Both domestic and international students can apply for the Bond University HDR Scholarship.

What are the required documents for the HDR Scholarship application process?

Applicants need to provide a valid Letter of Offer for enrollment in an HDR program, along with satisfying scholarship and visa requirements.

Can I apply for the scholarship in both rounds?

Yes, there are two rounds of application: one from 1 February to 31 March 2024, and the other from 1 August to 30 September 2023. Applicants can apply in either or both rounds.

What benefits does the scholarship offer?

The Bond University HDR Scholarship covers 100% of tuition fees for up to 48 months, living stipends, RTP allowances, health cover, relocation costs, and assistance with academic publication expenses.



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