How to Fix your Xbox Series X’s HDR Too Bright

Are you interested in How to Fix your Xbox Series X’s HDR Too Bright? If you’re the TV or monitor you are making use of, supports it, enabling the Xbox Series X’s high dynamic range (HDR) feature would lead to a much better image quality Assuming that it is calibrated the right way.

How to Fix your Xbox Series X’s HDR Too Bright

Microsoft has anticipated issues that have to do with HDR being too bright or too dark sometimes and created a calibration feature that they gave the name HDR right on its Xbox Series X|S consoles based on that.

Xbox HDR Settings

Using this, anybody should be able to turn on the feature and then let the console optimize a result. With this, anyone can turn on the feature and then allow the console to optimize the HDR output on its own, which is certainly one of the fastest and easiest methods.

The thing here is that not every game supports automatic HDR adjustments, and the resulting image quality that some titles carry might not be What you like. According to Microsoft, in a support document that there are “no right or wrong picture settings, but just how the picture settings would affect the way the HDR image appears.

This simply means that you might need to experiment manually using the HDR settings to get some games looking the way you want. Microsoft has simplified this process with a Product that it calls the Xbox HDR Game Calibration app.

Turn on the Xbox Series X Auto HDR Feature

The very first thing you are expected to check out if the HDR image quality that is on your Xbox is not turning out great for you is one of the easiest potential solutions: just switch on the Auto HDR feature.

Both the X and S models of the last generation carry this feature, but of course, it is dependent on making use of a display that offers support for the HDR10. Assuming you have a supported display, you would be required to:

  • Press the Xbox Button on your Xbox Controller
  • Then choose “Profile and system > Settings > General > TV & display options, and then video modes.
  • Right on the video’s modes menu, choose Auto HDR in other to have it enabled.
  • Reopen your game to see whether the quality of the image has been improved.

There is a big chance that this would get your issues fixed, but there is a catch there: according to Microsoft, not every game offers support for the console’s HDR feature. If you are playing a game that does not support it, then enabling the setting would not get the issue fixed, and you would instead have to manually tweak the HDR output.

In other, for you to determine if the game offers support to the Auto HDR, wait for it to load, the push on the controller. Then look right under the clock located on the top-right corner of your screen; if you see the Auto HDR badge right under it, then the feature would be supported. If not, give the Xbox HDR games calibration app a try instead.

Xbox HDR Game Calibration App

The Xbox HDR Game calibration app is located inside the console’s settings which aids the user as they manually adjust the image quality. Before deciding to tweak the HDR settings, you would first have for you to pull the calibration tool. This can be done by navigating through a few menus:

  • Press the Xbox button right on your controller
  • Then select “Profile & system”
  • Select the settings, General, TV, and display options
  • Click on the Calibrate HDR for games tool to have it launched.

Right on this menu, the tool would be launched with the title “HDR Game Calibration” at the top and some brief instructions below it. The first thing you need to look for is to note that state whether or not your display is in HDR mode; if it is not, you would be prompted to turn it on before proceeding. Also, you would be advised to switch your TV right into Game Mode if it has one and to turn off any display sharpening settings it might have enabled.

With that stated, you would be presented with boxes on your screen and instructions on how to adjust the image settings. For example, during one part of the calibration process, you should find a black box and would be told that you need to adjust the slider till the checkered pattern within is just barely visible.

The process is quite essential and it remains the same as the one presented when initially setting up a newly installed game that prompts you to adjust the light and dark sliders until the game’s logo is barely visible.


How do I Fix HDR on my Xbox?

If it is strange colors are appearing on your screen while you are playing HDR content, go to Profile and system > Settings > General > TV & display options. Right under the Advanced column, choose video modes and uncheck the option for you to allow HDR10.

Should HDR be on or Off Xbox Series X?

A lot of TVs that offer support for Dolby Vision would also support HDR10, so to get the best HDR experience, enable both on your Xbox.

Should I Turn off Auto HDR Series X?

Enable or disable the choice is yours. With that stated, auto HDR is not always necessary. It can result in odd-looking faces and objects in your Xbox Series X games, especially if they are older. Luckily, you would always disable the function, and now you would know how to do it.

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