Countries Where You Can Get Cheap Digital Nomad Visa

In this article, I’ll share a list of seven countries where you can get a cheap digital nomad visa for under $1500. Additionally, numerous nations are inviting remote workers without needing proof of income surpassing $1,500 per month.

Countries Where You Can Get Cheap Digital Nomad Visa
Countries Where You Can Get Cheap Digital Nomad Visa

Digital Nomad Visas

A Digital Nomad Visa is a unique visa provided by specific countries. It permits people, often freelancers, remote workers, or entrepreneurs, to live and work within those countries borders. They can maintain online employment or run digital businesses, reflecting the trend of using technology to work from various locations without a fixed office space.

Yet, this visa usually provides a limited stay, spanning from a few months to a year or longer. It might also have certain conditions like demonstrating enough income, having health insurance, and following local regulations. Additionally, the Digital Nomad Visa provides flexibility and a special chance for professionals to experience different cultures and boost the host country’s economy.

Countries That Grant Digital Nomad VISA for Less Than $1500

Some of the top countries that grant these visas for this low price are:

Curacao – Netherlands 

Living on a Caribbean Island with European cultural and architectural influences sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Remote workers have the opportunity to spend a year on the island using the Curacao digital nomad visa. Many digital nomads have opted to move to this island due to its low minimum income requirement, known as the “@Home in Curacao” program

Immigration authorities might request bank statements to verify that applicants can support themselves in Curacao, even if there isn’t a specific monthly income prerequisite

Cabo Verde

The “Cabo Verde Remote Working Program” allows digital nomads and their families to live on Cabo Verde’s seven islands off the west coast of Africa. Initially, they can stay for six months and then extend for an additional six months. A bank balance of 1,500 euros is necessary (higher for families).

Cabo Verde’s tropical environment is ideal for remote work, although consistent high-speed Internet service might not always be guaranteed. Nevertheless, all the islands generally offer reliable cellphone connectivity.


Cities like Bogota and Medellin have long been favored by digital nomads. Now, with the newly introduced Colombian digital nomad visa, remote workers can acquire a residence permit valid for one to two years. This enables them to legally live in this captivating and lively country.

Colombia is becoming more attractive to digital nomads due to its emerging tech startup scene. With certain regions experiencing spring-like temperatures year-round, it’s an ideal destination.

Cape Verde

Situated off the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde comprises seven islands. The introduction of the Cape Verde digital nomad visa has led digital nomads to discover this serene and captivating island group. The visa allows individuals and their families to relocate to the islands for six months, with the option to renew for an additional six months. Cape Verde offers one of the world’s most affordable visas for digital nomads, requiring only a bank account balance of $1,500 over the preceding six months


Since 2022, Brazil has permitted remote workers and digital nomads to stay for up to two years through the Brazil digital nomad visa. This welcomed change is due to Brazil’s appeal among remote workers. With its affordable living costs, breathtaking beaches, Amazon jungles, and intriguing cities like Rio, São Paulo, and Brasília, Brazil provides an adventurous setting for digital nomads. Visa holders can bring their immediate family along.

One significant benefit of Brazil’s digital nomad visa is the flexibility to actively work remotely or have sufficient savings in the bank to meet the requirements. This enables you to work on your own schedule if you opt to maintain money in your savings.


During the summer of 2020, Bermuda introduced the Work from Bermuda certificate, allowing remote work in this self-governing British Overseas Territory. With its picturesque beaches and relaxed lifestyle, Bermuda is an appealing destination for digital nomads, and its business-friendly environment adds to its attractiveness.

The Bermuda digital nomad visa allows visa holders to bring their partners and dependents to live on the island with them for one year. There’s no minimum income requirement in Bermuda, but it’s essential to be able to cover your expenses.

To give you an idea, Bermuda’s cost of living is slightly higher than the average in the US. Immigration authorities might request your bank statements to verify your ability to sustain yourself during your stay.


Picture running your business from Ecuador, situated near the equator. With a digital nomad visa, you can work remotely from Ecuador for up to two years.

This new digital nomad hotspot offers stunning landscapes, delightful cuisine, and untouched beaches. The climate is perfect for those who enjoy sunny and consistently warm days.

Applicants’ spouses and children can accompany them on the visa. Yet, the minimum income requirement increases by $250 for each extra family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Digital Nomad Visa, And How Does It Differ from A Regular Tourist Visa?

A digital nomad visa is a specialized type of visa that allows individuals, often freelancers or remote workers, to live and work in a foreign country while conducting their employment or business primarily online. Unlike a regular tourist visa, a digital nomad visa is tailored to accommodate longer stays for work purposes.

Which Countries Offer Digital Nomad Visas, And What Are the Benefits of Obtaining One?

Several countries, such as Cape Verde, Brazil, and Colombia, offer digital nomad visas. These visas provide unique opportunities for remote workers to experience different cultures, enjoy affordable living costs, and explore diverse landscapes, all while contributing to the local economy.

What Are the Typical Requirements to Qualify for A Digital Nomad Visa?

The requirements for a digital nomad visa vary by country, but they commonly include having a steady source of income, health insurance, a valid passport, and the ability to prove that you can financially support yourself during your stay. Some countries may also have minimum income thresholds or savings requirements.

Can I Work for Any Employer or Business While on A Digital Nomad Visa?

The ability to work for any employer or business while on a digital nomad, visa depends on the specific regulations of the host country. Some countries may restrict you to working for foreign clients only, while others might allow you to engage in local employment or business activities.

How Long Does a Digital Nomad Visa Usually Allow Me to Stay in The Host Country, And Can I Extend It?

The duration of a digital nomad visa’s validity varies from country to country, ranging from a few months to a couple of years. Some countries offer the possibility of extending the visa, often requiring you to meet certain criteria, such as proving continued income or adherence to local laws.



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