Former Jumia Food Drivers Still Jobless across Africa after Four Months of the Company’s Exit from the Region 

Former Jumia Food drivers are still jobless across Africa after four months of the company’s exit from the region.

Jumia Food Drivers Still Jobless Across Africa

Four months following the announcement of Jumia Food’s departure from seven African countries including Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Uganda, gig workers involved in online food delivery are said to be facing difficulties.

Jumia Food Drivers Still Jobless Across Africa

Jumia recently made the tough decision to scale back its food delivery operations in several African countries, including Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Uganda. The company cited economic conditions in these markets as the main reason for this move.

Unfortunately, this decision left many gig workers who relied on Jumia Food’s platform in a difficult situation. Without any prior notice, they found themselves without work and unable to access their earnings, which were tied up in the app.

Former Jumia Food Drivers in Africa Share Their Struggles

Former Jumia Food drivers in countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda shared their struggles, highlighting the challenges they faced due to the sudden closure of the platform. With an oversupply of labor in the market, many drivers had to resort to alternative sources of income, such as construction work or running market stalls, to make ends meet.

Jumia’s Exit from the Food Delivery Business

Jumia’s exit from the food delivery business didn’t stop there. In early 2023, the company also stopped its services in Ghana, Senegal, and Egypt, and by the end of the year, it had removed the Jumia Food app from app stores altogether.

Adjustments to Jumia’s Organizational Structure

In January 2024, Jumia implemented layoffs in Kenya and other African markets, although the exact number of employees affected was not disclosed. This followed a previous round of layoffs in which 900 staff positions were terminated as part of the company’s efforts to cut costs and achieve profitability.

These strategic adjustments to Jumia’s organizational structure aim to streamline operations and reduce expenses, aligning with its broader goal of becoming profitable.

The Impact of the Closure of Jumia Food

The closure of Jumia Food, along with Bolt Food’s exit from Nigeria and South Africa in December 2023, has had a significant impact on gig workers in the region. It has not only resulted in job losses but has also highlighted the challenges faced by gig workers in Africa’s rapidly evolving tech industry.



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