February 2022 Pokémon

February 2022 Pokémon. Pokémon dropped its 14-minute Pokémon Presents today, and it is filled with interesting teasers for a lot of Pokémon titles. As a part of Pokémon Day celebrations, players get to expect some interesting new updates, free gifts, and an all-new generation of games. Check out what would be taking place in the next couple of weeks to be sure that you do not miss out on any freebies.

February 2022 Pokémon

February 2022 Pokémon

Freak the video game developers have given an announcement on the updates to pretty much every title it possibly could offer updates to. Sure, some players expected the game to offer them some new “let’s go” game or for “Detective Pikachu” on the switch, but there are tons of stuff to be happy about.

“Pokémon Go,” “Pokémon Masters EX,” “Pokémon Café Remix,” “Pokémon Unite,” “Pokémon Brilliant Diamond,” “Pokémon Shining Pearl,” and “Pokémon Legends Arceus” will be getting some interesting updates shortly. Also, we would be getting a brand-new animated series, this time it would be entirely online. Let’s go over everything that was announced during the latest Pokémon Present broadcast.

New Pokémon games, Pokémon Go, and Pokémon Masters EX Updates

The largest piece of information that has gotten out recently was the next generation of Pokémon will hit the market later in the year. Dubbed “Pokémon Scarlet” and “Pokémon Violet,” the games are expected to feature an open-world region, new starters, and tons of Pokémon all out in the open. Already, we have detailed the new games, so be sure to check it out if you are happy with the ninth generation of Pocket Monsters.

The Pokémon presents trailer begins with “Pokémon Go,” and it is quite huge: Alola, the region found in “Pokémon Sun” and Pokémon Moon,” is coming to “Go” starting this March 1, 2022. Well, up until that takes place, Alolan Exeggutor will start popping up in “Pokémon Go,” allowing players to catch one for themselves.

“Pokémon Masters EX” would be getting a major update as a part of its two-and-a-half-year anniversary. Victory Road is getting added, and it features a powerful sync pair from tons of regions and legendary trainers that include Blue, lance, Cynthia, N, Steven, and Wallace. If you manage to finish victory road, you would be offered the chance to work with Sygna Suit Red, Blue, or Leaf. You would also be rewarded with 500 gems.

New trainers in special outfits would be arriving on “Pokémon Masters EX” to celebrate Pokémon Day, including May with Latias starting this February 28, Skyla with Tornadus starting March 2, and Raihan with Flygon starting March 4. Up until March 17, players would be offered the chance to scout up to 100 sync pairs at no extra cost and would be offered a 10-pair ticket every day. Lastly, 3,000 gems would also be offered to everyone as a login bonus.

Pokémon Cafe Remix and Pokémon Unite also Gets Some Update

“Pokémon Café Remix” also would be receiving updates ahead of its second anniversary. A new game mode with the name Deliveries is now in the game. And in this mode, a pelipper will pick up the drinks that were made at your café and deliver them to Pokémon that are Far-Away. This would allow you to meet up with Pokémon that would not otherwise make it to your café, including Victini, and will help you with a powerful Fire-type skill.

In other to celebrate Pokémon Day, “Café Remix” is expected to host some events, and it includes Bulbasaur’s Happy Pokémon Day where you can get a crown for your Bulbasaur, as well as an increased chance to meet a shiny Piplup and have it work with you. Also, you will get 11 express delivery items to try out the feature free of charge. New Pokémon will be joining “Café Remix” when it hits its second anniversary in June.

“Pokémon Unite” is receiving more updates, although it seems to be more of a fun limited-time battle recognized as “Full-Fury Mode”. Till the 14 of march, players will also be able to take part in Hoopa and use it to warp Pokémon to other locations during battle. Hoopa gets to transform to Hoopa unite license. Players can also get new outfits during the duration of the event. And finally, duraludon is coming to Pokémon unite at an unspecified time in the future.


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