District 75 Schools – District 75 Program Location, School List and Class Sizes

District 75 is a nongeographic district that provides quality and rigorous individualized education programs to students with individual challenges. Want to know the various programs offered by the Nyc schools at district 75? Here, we will provide you with a list of these benefits and the various areas of benefits.

District 75 Schools

District 75 Schools

District 75 is not determined by geographic location like many of the other NYC school districts. It can be found across all five boroughs. Its programs are housed in individual school buildings or within general education schools.

The teachers in this district are part of the larger support network for students with disabilities and their families.

District 75 Programs

District 75 network allows students of all abilities to access excellent education.
District 75 provides some highly specialized instructional support for students with significant challenges. These challenges are;

  • Autism spectrum Disorders
  • Significant cognitive delays
  • Sensory impairments
  • Multiple disabilities.

Now, what locations or areas will be affected by such programs. Here they are below

District 75 Program Location

District 75 offers instructional support or guides in a wide variety of areas or locations around NYC. These include;

  • Special classes that are co-located in Districts 1-32 schools
  • School buildings where all the students have IEPS
  • General Education classrooms
  • Agencies, hospitals, and even at home.

The appropriate program and class size for your child will be recommended by the IEP team of which you are a member. The decision or determination will be based on cognitive, social-economical, and physical management needs.

District 75 Schools List

Below is a list of the NYC spec schools at district 75

  • David Marquis school of theatre arts
  • Hospital schools
  • JM Rapport school for career development
  • John Kennedy JR school
  • Manhattan School for career development
  • MS 596
  • PS 4
  • PS 10
  • PS 12 Lewis and Clark school
  • PS 138
  • PS 140
  • Ps 141
  • Ps 176
  • PS 177
  • PS 186 Walter J Damrosch school
  • PS 224
  • PS 224
  • PS 226
  • PS 23 at queens children centre
  • PS 231
  • PS 233
  • PS 255
  • PS 256
  • PS 35
  • PS 36
  • PS 368
  • PS 369 Coyl Cox School
  • PS 370
  • PS 372 children‘s school
  • PS 373
  • PS 373 brooklyn transition centre
  • PS 469 Bronx school for continuous
  • PS 53
  • PS 721 Brook Trning CTR
  • PS 721 Manhattan occ TRNING CTR
  • Ps 721 Stephen Mcsweeney School
  • PS 723
  • Ps 753 School for career development
  • PS 77
  • PS 771
  • PS 79 Horan School
  • PS 811
  • PS 811 Connie Lekas School
  • PS 811 Mickey Mantle School
  • PS 9
  • PS 94
  • PS 993
  • PS Q4
  • PS Q811
  • Queens transition centre
  • Richard Hugerford
  • Riverview School
  • Robert E Peary
  • South Richmond High School
  • Vida Bogart School for all children

District 75 Class Size

District 75 provides classes for children with special cases like hearing and vision impairments. It provides classes in the ratio of 12:1:1, 6:1:1, 8:1:1, 12:1:4. The classes are self-contained with specialized equipment and services. The students whose vision and hearing concerns do not require that type of sensitive programming will recieve these support services in district 1-32 schools.


This is for students with academic and behavioral management needs that interfere with the instructional process and thus require additional adult support and specialized instructions. The class is comprised of;

  • 12 students
  • 1 special education teacher
  • 1 paraprofessional.

These are the characteristics of the 12:1:1 class system.


This is for students who have needs that are severe and chronic and thus require constant, intensive supervision, a significant degree of individualized attention, intervention and behavior management. It comprises;

  • 8 students
  • 1 special education teacher
  • 1 paraprofessional

These are the characteristics of the 8:1:1 class.


This type of class is for students with very high needs in most or all areas including academic, social, and/or interpersonal development, physical development, and management. These classes provide highly intensive programming, continual adult supervision, a specialized behavior management program to engage in all tasks and a program of speech, and language therapy. It consists of;

  • 6 students
  • 1 special educational teacher
  • 1 paraprofessional

The 6:1:1 is a much smaller class size used by district 75.


This class size is for students with severe and multiple disabilities with a variety of obstacles including limited language, and academic and independent functioning skills. These classes provide a program that follows an adapted curriculum with alternative access to instruction, training in daily living skills, development of communication skills, sensory stimulation, and therapeutic interventions. It comprises;

  • 12 students
  • 1 special educational teacher
  • 1 paraprofessional for every three students

To get more information about district 75, visit the NYC major website, www.schools.nyc.gov.



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