Motivational Essays: Five Tips in Writing a Successful One

Speaking of Motivational Essays, Admissions committees are simply “swamped” with documents of applicants with red diplomas, gold medals, victories in Olympiads, and other achievements. But how do you choose among the thousands of applications that are really worthy of admission?

Motivational Essays

The applicants often are worried about their grammar and meeting the essay requirements. But the thing is that nowadays you can easily find an edit my paper online service that will help you to make your technical part look appropriate.

Motivational Essays: Five Tips in Writing a Successful One

What you should be concerned about is your content part. “A motivation essay can rehabilitate yourself (if deficient) or it can destroy any chance of admission.”-Ruth Miller, head of admissions at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs stated (Motivational Essays).

What does the Admissions Committee Expect?

The admissions committee wants to get an overview of your personality. What characterizes your personality? Ambition? Sense of humor? Self-criticism? Imagination? Sociability? That’s what you’ll need to find out as you prepare your motivational letter.

In confirmation of this, we cite representatives of leading American universities:

  • “The most important thing for me is to find out what we don’t expect. There is no magic formula for admission; there are no right answers.” – Bob Alig, head of admissions for the Wharton School MBA, University of Pennsylvania
  • “Candidates make the mistake of trying to write something they think the admissions committee will like. In trying to anticipate, they risk going off the right track.” – Albert Turnbull, a member of the admissions committee at the University of Virginia Law School
  • “We need honesty (as far as we can identify it), simplicity, and straightforwardness.” – Dr. Andrew Franz, head of admissions at Columbia University School of Medicine
  • “The pages should reek of life; it should be a story that only you could have written.” – Linda Meagan, a member of the admissions committee at Columbia Business School

An interesting story written in a lively language is the main requirement that experts insist on. Through a motivation essay, professors want to know what goals future students have, what they want to achieve in life, and how they can be useful to their university and society as a whole.

How to write a Motivational Essay that won’t get lost Among Others

There’s no need to trick and confuse the reader with florid wording, just be yourself. You should try to express your thoughts as vividly as possible because only words will tell about you – gestures and facial expressions cannot be included.

More precise guidelines were described by Vince Gothera, professor of English language and literature, from the University of Northern Iowa. In his opinion, a motivation essay should show the applicant as a person:

  1. Passionate about learning. You can do this at the beginning of the letter by using the “hook,”; This can be seen in the command of the language, including stylistics and structure of speech and that is why you should always check customer feedback of the editing services you use;
  2. Well-prepared academically. This can be shown by using special terms that reflect the competence of the author, or by directly listing accomplishments. And remember, it is better not to use a term than to use it incorrectly!
  3. Able to cope with the challenges of the university and graduate on time, which can be proven by experience in overcoming challenges and academic performance;
  4. Ready to collaborate with professors and other students, i.e. communicative. This point is not a priority, but will be an advantage;
  5. A potentially outstanding representative of that university in a professional field, which may logically follow from the applicant’s current successes as well as how the student reviews the previous institution.

This is not a small amount of information to fit into just a few hundred words, so you should be careful with each item. You don’t have to describe them in the same order as they appear on the university’s list. They can be freely combined and moved around. The main thing is to create an easy-to-read, logical, and coherent text.

Remember, that motivation essays as well as any other kind of writing assignment should not be written chaotically. You need to follow the plan and write your essay step by step in order to reach a decent result. Also, it’s important to give yourself enough time.


Starting work on your essay an hour before the deadline is not a good idea. You’ll be surprised how well-structured and interesting writing you might provide if you are not in a hurry. It might even take a few days, so make sure you have those.

Follow these simple tips and they will help you to make an outstanding essay that will not get lost among other ones. It will straighten your application and help you to be accepted to the college of your dreams!


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