New Year Resolutions – The Effectiveness of a New Year Plan

New Year Resolutions or not

New Year Resolutions or not what do you think? From my little experience in life, I’ve come to realize that so many things influence our actions, consistency, and decisions, the same reason why we find ourselves not hitting the jackpot always.

New Year Resolutions New Year Resolutions

Some of these things are nature, environmental situations, problems, motivation or lack of motivation, company, weather conditions, and even unforeseen contingencies.

This is the reason why so many people think resolving is a waste of time. I am not one of those people, and I do not agree with the whole “New Year’s Resolution” drama too.

Do you think Creating New Year Resolutions works?

Of course, I do, but not completely. People are different and what works for one person may not work for another. I think New Year’s resolutions may not be the best option because we make those wishes and goals when we get into a certain mood. After examining the previous year, we suddenly feel we can do better if we set goals.

This feeling cannot be maintained for the full year, and often we make unrealistic goals because of how we feel at that particular time. Sometimes we live in that motivation for as long as the whole of January just to discover that our goals are unrealistic in February.

It’s best not to make decisions based on extreme emotions, I believe, decisions and goals should be made from time to time, monitored, backed up, and renewed.

New Year Plan

We get better results when we turn goals into plans. Do not expect anything if you wish to have a car in 2022, the question is who doesn’t? The beggar on the street also has this wish, the pauper, who doesn’t even have enough clothing to wear has this wish at the back of his mind.

Thousands of people make the same wish, but only a few plan to get it, and only a few finally get it. We have more chances of getting what we plan for than getting what we wish for. There is no need to celebrate once you have a wish, you can as well plan to tell your great-grandchildren that you once had a wish and never fulfilled it.

But when you have a plan, you have done 50% of the work needed.

How to Plan New Year Resolutions

The effective way to plan is to examine the resources at hand, the resources needed, and the work needed, then create a step-by-step process, with a willingness to fulfill.

If you cannot develop and plan for your goal, then it’s better seen as an unrealistic goal.

For example, I plan to buy the latest Ferrari in 2022. How do I achieve that?

I have to know how much it will cost to purchase one, how much I have at hand for that purpose, and what the difference is. I have to create a step-by-step process of making the exact amount I need. Do I need to venture into a new business and patiently wait for the returns? How exactly do I plan to? Make that exact amount of money. And then make sure that everything is filled as planned.

The Effectiveness of a New Year Plan

The concept of a new year plan shifts our mindset from a sincere hope for good things to the exact certainty of fulfillment with a plan.

With a new year plan, you can get everything you need this new year, depending on how effective your plan is.

Be sure to try this out, drop comments below if you have anything to add.


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