GTA 5 Social Club – How to Benefit from GTA 5 Social Club

If you happen to be playing GTA 5 regularly, then the GTA 5 Social Club is not something that you would want to miss out on. The service that rockstar games hosts, comes with some supplemental features that would make staying in Los Santos a lot better.

GTA 5 Social Club

GTA 5 has one interesting way of getting you to play the game again hours after you have decided to put down your controller. Maybe in the satisfying gunplay, intricate story, or probably its memorable characters. The game gives you an experience that would not want to leave you. The GTA V club is just another way for you to manage to do this.

The companion service is something that you would want to look into if you are playing. Well, what is it and is it worth it? Here’s is everything that you should know about GTA 5 social club.

GTA 5 Social Club

Well, basically the GTA 5 Social Club is somewhere between a stat tracker and Rockstar exclusive social media Site. It is accessible on your mobile device and right on your desktop and it would allow you to get updated with everything that is new. In it, you can choose to track events that would be entering the game, look at your own stats and even check your very own achievements.

Immediately you log in, you would be faced with updates right on your homepage but you can also connect with the rest of the Rockstar community by navigating to the ‘Photos’ or ‘videos’ tab. This would show you tons of user-made content that you get to react to from your very own account.

The ‘jobs’ tab is filled with user-created maps and modes, offering you details concerning such information such as the like to dislike ratio, the number of times it has been played, and as well as user comments. If you choose to filter out the modes that the community does not like, this is a good way to do so.

Right after you have finished playing, it will update you with what you have done, even showing you all the trophies that you manage to unlock so far.

How to Benefit from GTA 5 Social Club

There are tons of interesting ways to make use of the social club to your advantage. As well as connecting with new people making use of its social features, you can create or choose to join a GTA online crew. This would offer a player bonus to Money and RP earned in missions – a very useful perk.

Plus, you would want to check out the ‘Events’ tab often, as it would with time reveal new in-game challenges and rewards. Not only would they show you everything that you need to do but they would give you the start and finish dates – meaning that you can plan around them.

Although none of this would immediately make you overpowered, these are the small benefits that add up. The GTA 5 Social Club is an amazing way of keeping your ear to the ground for new events and challenges. If you are interested in getting involved in the online aspect of GTA 5 in particular, you really should consider making use of the service.



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