Surgical Leadership Program – Application/Documents Required in SLP 2022

The surgical Leadership Program is at Harvard Medical School. It is designed for surgeons seeking to obtain the untechnical, executive skills needed to step into leadership positions and excel as heads of departments, divisions, projects, and institutions.

Surgical Leadership Program

Those seeking the program will learn directly from Harvard’s leading faculty across all areas swaying surgical leadership, which include communication, mentoring, change management, process and quality improvement, financial management, and surgical research and technique.

Surgical Leadership Program

The Harvest University, Harvest Medical School is where the Surgical Leadership program came from. The mission of this program is seeking to step into and succeed in a leadership position and acquire the best skills needed for projects and institutions at large, and other ideas.

The program that has faculty input from the school of surgery, has 24 places for surgeons in postgraduate training who were in the main 1-2 years away from completion of training.

The format of the program is one day per month over six months, with an additional day for participants to present the result of their learning back to the cohort and guests.

The program has a lot of different educational activities which include:

  • Group discussions, join to buy school of surgery faculty
  • Guest speaker
  • Sessions by HSMC staff
  • Classroom-based experiential activates
  • Action learning
  • Seif awareness activates including 360-degree feedback using the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management
  • standards, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Thomas Kill man Conflict Mode Instrument
  • Work-based learning through projects

Key Admissions Information in SLP

This program is an innovative learning model and structured around the needs of practicing surgeons. The following are key application dates:

Early Application Deadline:  the deadline for this application will be January 19, 2022.

Final Application Deadline: keep in mind that the final application deadline will commence on February 23, 2022.

Workshop 1 Begins:  while workshop 1 will start in March 2022.

You can email with any questions you want to know.

Who To Attend SLP?

Surgeons who currently hold or seek to attain a leadership position, which includes the leadership of:

Application/Documents Required in SLP 2022

The school order those who are interesting in the Surgery Leadership Program to prepare the following documents and submit them with their application.

The following documents are to be uploaded:

Curriculum vitae or resume

Personal Statement of about 250-500 words on why you like to be considered for this program. Your statement should include a short description of your background, your area of professional interest, and how the course will impact your career and the country you work

A letter of recommendation from a department /Division head/director/chair or supervisor: this letter should address your appropriateness for the program and support your attendance at the workshops.

You can visit their Website SLP

Harvard Surgical Leadership Program Cost

The Standard full program teaching is $15,900 (USD). The program tuition does not include airfare, accommodation, meals, or educational materials.

So, you will try to prepare money for your accommodation and the rest.

The Harvard Medical School Surgical Leadership program is built on several key domains of executive development with the goal of helping surgeons to achieve leadership positions.

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