Dead Space Remake Release Date, Trailers and Gameplay

The Dead Space Remake has been under development for quite some years now at EA. The aim of the game was to remake the classic 2008 horror game from the ground up, dragging it kicking and screaming straight into 2023 for new interested audiences.

Dead Space Remake

Everything ranging from combat to the lighting has been worked on, offering the players a chance for them to experience the game in an entirely whole new way.

Dead Space Remake

Now we have a final release date for this new dead space (2023), and the deal here is that there isn’t very long to wait at all before we can all play. From what we see so far, the game carries amazing graphics that are quite huge compared to that of the original game. Also, the new physics system has also been included to the game also, making the combat feel a lot more realistic and hard-hitting.

Now that the curtain has been pulled back on the Dead Space remake fully, we know pretty much all there is to know about the game. As we move closer to the game’s launch, it is likely that reviews would begin dropping, as well as any potential secrets and new additions that could be uncovered. At the moment, here is what you would need to know about Dead Space (2023).

Dead Space Remake Release Date

The Game has been scheduled to launch on January 27, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC. The release date was confirmed during a May 2022 developer Livestream, with developer EA Motive stating that the development was “going quite well”. Just right after a recent gameplay showcase, EA once again confirmed that the release date is accurate.


While fans wait for the game to launch, several trailers to tease how the game would look and feel was released. And below I have put together some of the trailers that were released for the game. So just sit back and glance through:

Gameplay’s First Look

In October of 2022, EA motive showed off Dead Space Remake gameplay. The trailer carries a cinematic as well as an extended gameplay segment. Things are certainly looking great, with the updated graphics that was really giving the horror classic a fresh coat of paint. Watch the trailer via this URL

Crafting the Tension, Art Developer Livestream

In a May 2022 development deep-dive, the EA Motive art Team offered a look at the Game’s environments, characters, and visual effects. Also, they confirmed that the game’s released date to be January 27 2023, with a further look at the game expected in October 2022. Watch the trailer via this URL

Early Development Prototype Livestream

This video from August 2021 offers an early look at the development of the Dead Space remake and features developers Philippe Ducharme and Roman Campos-Oriola as well as community content creators Kahlief Adams and Jackie Butler. You can check out the trailer Via this URL.

Dead Space Remake Official Teaser Trailer

The First Look at the Dead Space Remake with a teaser trailer that was shown at the EA Play Live 2021. Check out the trailer via this URL.


The Dead Space Remake was meant to recreate some intense and unnerving third-person horror action that the series was renowned for. Claustrophobic and narrow space station corridors and can potentially carry all sorts of nasties, known as Necromorphs. Thankfully, the best way to stop these sinewy fiends would be by amputating their limbs using the plasma cutter. Plus, weaponry should have hostile creatures at bay also.

Another tool that player gets to make use of is the environment. The dead space series has always encouraged the players to make use of explosive canisters, airlocks, and other crude means to turn the tide against encroaching enemy creatures. Especially when you consider ammo is always scarce. Just do not forget to drive your foot right through the skull of fallen enemies, or even risk them coming back to haunt you on a date.

A new mechanic that we would be getting in the Dead Space remake is how you can expose the innards of necromorphs using a new technique called ‘peeling’.


If you are playing Dead Space for the first time, the premise is that humanity has exhausted all the Earth’s natural resources, and is heading into space to get new materials. Along the line, researchers got their hands on a mysterious alien artifact known as the Marker.

It happens to be a limitless source of energy that could solve Earth’s ongoing ecological crisis. Inevitably, things fail to go as planned, and you would be left to fight to survive in the dark reaches of space against hostile aliens.

In Dead Space, Isaac boards the USG Ishimura, only for you to make a horrific discovery. The ship’s crew has been slaughtered by an alien scourge, and Isaac’s partner Nicole is somewhere on board. Isaac is here to rely on his engineering skills and tools for you to uncover exactly what has happened on the USG Ishimura while holding on to his own sanity.

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