How to Cancel or Replace a Money Order & What do I Need to Cancel my Money Order?

Change is always constant that is why even after you have sent your money order and it is still in the process of being delivered something might occur and you would want to cancel or replace it.

How to Cancel or Replace a Money Order
How to Cancel or Replace a Money Order

When this is the case it is not time to look forward to the process of how to cancel or replace a money order. If you are thinking of cancelling your money order you are not alone there are millions of people looking to do so.

That being said it is necessary to know all the steps involved in order for you to cancel or replace your money order if there is any problem. Cancelling a money order is not a difficult process and I am going to be taking you through the step-by-step method of how to do that in this article. Therefore without further waste of time just go ahead and jump in.

Can you Cancel a Money Order?

A money order is not set in stone that it cannot be cancelled all money orders can be cancelled or even replaced. Anybody that is looking to cancel a money order can simply do that using the same platform that the person used in sending the money order in the first place. So to answer your question yes a money order can be cancelled and can also be replaced.

However, there is a but which is due to the fact that if the money order has been cashed out or deposited it is impossible to be cancelled or replaced. This means that it is only money orders that have not yet been cashed out can be replaced. The process of replacing a money order or cancelling it is easy and we’ll talk more about it next.

How to Cancel or Replace a Money Order

To cancel a money order there is paperwork involved which can either be done online or in person in any of the branches or the institutions you used in purchasing the money order in the first place.

You do not always have to go to the same location in which you purchased your money order in order to cancel or replace it. You can go to another branch of that same institution and your money order will be cancelled.

But before cancelling your money order can be possible you need the receipt of the money order which contains the information of that particular money order. It is the information on this receipt that you will use in filling out the forms to cancel or replace your money order. Although it can still be done without the receipt however the process will become difficult.

What do I Need to Cancel my Money Order?

To cancel your money order you are going to be needing the receipt and also setting forms that you need to feel and submit in order for it to be cancelled. The forms that you need in order to cancel it include:

To get any of these phones all you need to do is simply head over to the website of the organisation which has listed above that is used in purchasing the money order. After getting the form of the money order all that is left is to simply fill it out and then mail it or going to drop it off in person. You can also decide to fill out and submit the form online for easy cancellation.

How Long Does a Money Order Refund Take?

A money order typically takes time for it to be refunded this is because after you have submitted your cancellation request the money or the issuer will have to track down that particular money order. What’s the money order has been tracked down and confirmed that it has not yet been paid out or cashed out then they will need some time in order to refund. A money order refund usually takes at least 60 days.

Is there a Fee for Cancelling a Money Order?

There is usually a field that is associated with cancelling a money order because resources and time we put into looking for it by the issuer. The fee is usually $18 but at this time of writing this article ever it is bound to go up because of the times that we are in. That being said if you want to replace a money order you are also going to pay another fee which is about $7.

What if the Money Order was Cashed?

After filing a money order cancellation and it was investigated and discovered to have been cashed out there is nothing that the issuer can do. This is because a money order that has already been cashed cannot be replaced or cancelled by the issuer all they can do is provide a photocopy of the money order that has been cashed for you.

It is then left to you to take a look at it to know if it was cashed fraudulently so that you can decide whether to get the local law enforcement authorities involved or not. This is why it is very much important to always properly fill out your money order so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

What to do if you Receive a Money Order?

After you have received your money order what you need to do immediately is to cash it or simply deposit it into a checking or a saving account immediately. Because it might get lost or stolen however if it got lost or stolen you can also follow the proper means of how to cancel or replace your money order. All the steps on how to cancel or replace your money order and release them are in this article.

Can I get my Money Back from a Money Order?

If you are wondering if you can get your money back from a money order the answer to this question is yes. However, that is totally dependent on whether the money order has been cashed out because if it has been cashed out there’s no way to take back the money from a money order. If your money order has not been cashed you can simply file a money order refund with your issuer.



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